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thus creating the ideal conditions for the sales pitches.On various distribution channels (book trade, recordings, Nebenmärkte etc.) tailored digital audiobook previews serve the individual needs of our partners regarding title selection and Timings.Hörproben provide all users with a “plastic” impression of the production. The cross-media display of all issues in the title search enhances the visibility April 2019 Calendar Editable and thus the perception of the audiobook Trade and Press. Planning Digital. Like all publishers of the Verlagsgruppe Random House, we are present with the programs of Hörverlag and Random House Audio / cbj audio at VLB-Tix and put with the autumn program 2019 on the digital preview.


April 2019 Calendar Editable


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Digitalization is just the big topic. If I want a boring product like the Disability Insurance to be sold, then I just have to call it Digital BU Insurance and it works. But without fun, digitization is extremely important for insurance intermediaries. It also has nothing to do with chatbots and online computers in the first step. Digitalization means nothing more than a simplification of decisions. There is only one or zero, only yes or no.

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This can help us in our operational business very quickly.More on the subject “Existing consulting models throw in the heap” Wenzel wants to know “Toss existing consulting models” “Get to know the customer better and better” Digitization in retirement planning “Getting to know the customer better and better” How brokers choose the right broker management programDigitalizationHow brokers choose the right broker management programIf I want to digitize my daily tasks, I do not have to buy an expensive program.



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First, I have to do a detailed job description of my working day, as well as the application for benefits in the disability insurance. Since I will quickly notice that I always do many things according to the same pattern. And I can then digitize. The pre-inquiries with the BU insurance I will send for smaller health restrictions, for example, always to my top 10 insurers, larger problems to my top 30th So if I create an e-mail template and two distributors, I already have a digital process.


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Standardisable tasksAnd the main advantage of this is not that now goes faster. The big advantage is that I do not have to do it myself. The process is clearly standardized. Anyone can do that. Also an untrained force. I can then concentrate on the advice. And even then I will notice that I can always explain some things the same and use standards. So I can also be digital,


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if I work so far with an Excel spreadsheet and a 450-euro force, by transferring all the standards to my staff and concentrate on my strengths. Management program can make sense. But I can also think about what standards a computer could not do for me. There are comprehensive solutions that April 2019 Calendar Editable pack everything into a management program. This is of course the royal solution. Because if I can use all my data to start or control processes, I have almost infinite possibilities.

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