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The big teams and top riders would always be favored by the race management. The Haas pilots, however, are “simple targets” of the rule-keeper, so they would be punished again and again. Steiner advocates a fairer system in which April 2019 Calendar Marathi no drivers or teams are disadvantaged or disadvantaged.Romain Grosjean © SuttonGünther Steiner feels disadvantaged in Formula One ZoomDownload cases that Steiner could use for his thesis, there are some in Formula One.

April 2019 Calendar Marathi

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In qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean was stopped by Max Verstappen. But since before the Dutch also another slow car would have been and the track was wet, the Red Bull driver has come around a penalty. In 2017, Lewis Hamilton was not penalized in qualifying in England, although he blocked Grosjean. It was said that the maneuver did not cost Grosjean three-tenths, he said. AD However, the Haas pilots are also involved in incidents.

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Kevin Magnussen was punished in Baku for an accident involving Pierry Gasly. In addition, the Dane has unnecessarily stopped Charles Leclerc in free practice in Spain. Grosjean was counted in Barcelona for causing an accident. In France, he pushed Esteban Ocon off the track in the first lap, which is why consequences were also drawn from the race director: “We do not help ourselves if we find ourselves in such situations again and again,” Steiner told ‘Motorsport-Total.com ‘.

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“But if a punishment is pronounced, the name of the person involved has an influence, but of course I have no proof, but at least that’s how it works.” Therefore, Steiner wants a line of race stewards, in which the names of the teams or drivers are not relevant. Grand Prix of Hungary – SonntagValtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) GalerieFIA- Race director Charlie Whiting believes that the names could subconsciously play a role in the decision-making process of race stewards. He tells ‘Motorsport-Total.com’: “I do not know if it might influence the subconscious.”

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The incident between Verstappen and Grosjean sees Whiting as not dramatic. “Romain has made it more than it actually was,” said the race director. “Verstappen accelerated at the same time and I do not think Grosjean could have kept up.” The announcement by Random House’s publishers of digital-previewing novelty information from the fall program in 2019 has received critical attention in parts of the trade. The audio book publishers have the topic on their agenda. In a book report survey, audio publishers discuss the pros and cons of a digital preview and explain their own publishing strategy.

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The questions: What are the advantages of a digital preview especially for audiobook publishers? What are the benefits of the printed format? Marc Sieper (Photo: Andreas Biesenbach) Marc Sieper (Photo: Andreas Biesenbach) Marc Sieper April 2019 Calendar Marathi Director Lübbe Audio, Bastei LübbePrivacy Digital. The non-obvious advantage of a digital preview for audiobook publishers is of course the technical prerequisite to make audio samples to the titles, which in the past only about audio sample CDs or the non-area use of e.g. QR codes was possible.

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