April 2019 Calendar Singapore

The potential benefits of the printed preview lie in the physical presence of the catalog – I do not have to turn on the computer and deliberately look for the publisher’s announcement. Planning Digital. In terms of perspective, we are planning to switch to the digital preview – together with the book publishers April 2019 Calendar Singapore through whose distribution our CDs are sold. About the exact time I can not make a statement.

April 2019 Calendar Singapore

Stephanie Mende (Photo: Stella Boda) Stephanie Mende (Photo: Stella Boda) Stephanie MendeDirector, Audio Media VerlagVorteil Digital. Since the digital preview offers the advantage of publishing audio samples, making-of-videos from the recording studio and short interviews with authors and / or speakers, it is quite interesting for our medium. In this way we can create real added value for our medium without media disruption – as is always the case with audio sample CDs,

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printed QR codes or download links printed in print previews. However, the currently available options do not seem to be mature enough. Advantage Print. Many book retailers prepare sales visits based on the printed preview and note on the pages how many copies per title should be ordered. Time and again, we hear from the representatives that the preview is an extremely important tool that is reluctant to do without. Well-designed pages in printed previews provide all the information that the buyer needs at a glance,

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since font variations and sizes as well as colors, images and symbols guide reading behavior. Planning Digital. Basically, we are very open to new ideas and can well imagine giving up the printed preview – also for ecological reasons. Heike Völker-Sieber (Photo: Anita Back) Heike Völker-Sieber (Photo: Anita Back) Heike Völker-Sieber Leader Press and Public Relations it, The Listening Publishing / Random House Audio / cbj audioVorteil Digital.

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In the audiobook sector, the production processes between the early dispatch of the print preview and the sales talks of the sales force are still in full swing: the majority of our publications appear in parallel with book editions. Only when presenting meaningful texts or manuscripts we can finally decide on occupations and arrange studio appointments. At the time of printing the print previews are still some speaker requests. And speaker names affect not insignificant the sales and press potential of a title.

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The exact length and CD count of a reading / a radio play is sometimes only during the recording foreseeable. Appearance dates and prices are still adjusted in individual cases, cover revised, reading tours fixed, marketing and press activities finalisiert.Mit digital preview, we can quickly and up-to-date all these changes and additions reflect and make our partners in the trade and in the editorial immediately accessible. Further advantages:

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Even with “quick shots” we are now independent of the rigid timing of the print preview. The audiobook edition of Stephen Hawking’s “Short Answers to Big Questions” (Der Hörverlag / ET October 2018) and J.R.R. Martin’s “fire and blood” (Random House Audio / ET November 2011) could be integrated into the digital preview April 2019 Calendar Singapore via VLB-Tix well in advance of the start of the autumn trip,

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