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But with the use of carbon, the devil is in the detail. An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a flywheel made of carbon: Vorteil1 .: Carbon is basically suitable for the production of large areas, which is true in the case of a flywheel.2: In April 2019 Calendar Templates the production of a swingarm, it is like the entire chassis, not about getting maximum stiffness. Rather, the goal is to find the right mix of flexibility and rigidity to generate maximum grip.

April 2019 Calendar Templates

A flywheel, for example, should bend in an inclined position in the longitudinal direction, but not twist about the longitudinal axis. A compromise that is hard to achieve with aluminum, but with carbon. Here, this can be achieved by different numbers of layers used or changing orientations of the carbon fiber. The engineers have more leeway when using carbon. Ducati has been using carbon flywheels since 2008 – Photo:

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DucatiDucati has been using carbon swingarms since 2008 © Ducati3 .: Carbon is lighter than aluminum. With a MotoGP swingarm, the weight savings are estimated to be around 0.5 kilograms. More than a kilogram less weight than aluminum will be difficult to achieve. Drawbacks 1: An essential argument against carbon parts are the associated costs. A comparable part made of carbon is basically already more expensive than one made of aluminum. In addition, however, carbon elements are harder to check for their perfect condition than aluminum parts.

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While, for example, cracks clearly appear on aluminum, in the case of carbon they are often only recognizable by an X-ray examination of the respective part. These can not be done on a race weekend directly at the track. Therefore, more spare parts have to be produced and brought to the 19 Grands Prix.2: Carbon parts are more complex in design and also in production than elements made of aluminum. To build a comparably good or even better carbon swingarm, so a lot of know-how is possible.

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Compared to their counterparts in the automotive sector, motorcycle manufacturers have relatively limited knowledge in this segment. Ducati, where the carbon swinging arm has been used since 2009, is the industry leader here. Already in 2008, the engineers in Borgo Panigale designed a chassis that was made entirely of carbon, in contrast to the frame used to date from aluminum or in the case of KTM steel.

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Although the Ducati 2011 carbon fiber chassis came back, the experience gained with it can no longer be taken away from the Italian manufacturer. Do carbon swinging make the difference in 2018? – Photo: DucatiMachen Carbon swinging make the difference in 2018 © Ducati3 .: Motorcycles currently used in MotoGP are all designed for use with aluminum swing arms except for the Ducati.

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Carbon has very different damping properties and as already mentioned also lower weight. Therefore, it can easily happen that when switching to a carbon swingarm suddenly chattering – ie high-frequency and extremely unpleasant for the driver – occurs on the April 2019 Calendar Templates motorcycle. Due to the position of the rocker away from the center of gravity of the machine, this phenomenon is particularly probable.

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