April 2019 Calendar To Print

I can automatically send e-mails if a contract period ends or if a post-insurance guarantee is taken without any reason Whether the investment pays off depends on the size of the company and its strategic orientation. But for all intermediaries it is important to standardize and hand over more and more processes in the future, regardless of whether this is a human or a machine. It is important that the consultant gets more time to find the individual solution for his client Digital advantage. Of course, VLB-Tix has the advantage that the preview is always up to date there. Is a speaker change? Is the runtime adjusted or the format? No problem for the digital preview. Being able to also give auditions is an advantage offered by the digital preview. Advantage Print. For the printed format speaks clearly the visibility. The preview arrives at the bookseller. He opens the letter and holds our preview directly in his hand. VLB-Tix, on the other hand, gives the dealer the ball to actively seek our preview. Planning Digital. We are currently working in parallel three-pronged: Most booksellers get and still want the printed preview. Anyone who has subscribed to our trade newsletter will receive the preview in PDF format. And who works with VLB-Tix, we provide the preview on this way. Peter Bosnic (Photo: Steinbach Speaking Books) Peter Bosnic (Photo: Steinbach Speaking Books) Peter Bosnic Publishing Director, Steinbach Speaking Books Benefit Digital. The advantages of the digital preview for the audio book publisher are above all that e.g. Quick shots promoted stronger and can be presented much faster. And of course we can save printing costs and costs for graphics. Since we always invest a lot of love and money. Advantage Print. Some booksellers prefer the printed preview because they can browse and browse through it and stick Post-its Рand take them home because they really love the haptic. Planning Digital. We will continue to offer both print and digital previews in the near future as many small bookstores prefer the printed preview. Our goal is to reach all bookstores equally, which is why we want to offer both options. But surely we will be able to reduce the circulation a bit. Angelika Schaack (Photo: private) Angelika Schaack (Photo: private) Angelika SchaackPublisher, HörcompanyVorteil Digital. The advantage is that previews can be generated quickly and booksellers can order directly. In the future, hopefully you will be able to directly integrate and listen to audio samples, which of course would be a great advantage. Advantage Print. For the printed format speaks that one can convey the character of the audio books and also the publishing house much better and faster. This begins with the choice of paper type and the space available. Without scrolling and clicking, one sees and feels at a glance what title it is. Currently, the digital previews of the publishers still look more or less identical. Planning Digital. We and many booksellers continue to enjoy our printed preview. Our representatives also visit booksellers who already link their merchandise management system with digital previews.

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