April 2019 Calendar With Holidays

This provides the patients with a high level of comfort during the examination. “For the first time, nu: view offers the possibility of recording all parts of the female breast in a true 3D image with just one image, both the soft tissue and the calcifications,” says April 2019 Calendar With Holidays the managing director. Andreas Boss, Senior Physician at the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at USZ and first user of nu: view, confirms: “The pictures look convincing,

April 2019 Calendar With Holidays

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the picture quality is excellent. The three-dimensional, overlay-free images considerably facilitate the detection of microcalcifications in comparison to mammography. The compression-free examination not only enhances patient comfort, it also reduces the number of additional ultrasound scans. “AB-CT – Advanced Breast CT GmbHAB-CT is a young high-tech company that spans a spin-off of the Institute of Medical Physics of the University Erlangen under the direction of Prof. Willi A. Kalender hervorging.

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Prof. Kalender – company founder and still a scientific consultant – always researched with a focus on diagnostic imaging. The development and introduction of volumetric spiral computed tomography was the focus of his work. Under his leadership, the project “Brust-CT” funded by the EU and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research was launched in 2008. Under the management of Benjamin Kalender (CEO), 35 employees are currently researching and developing leading solutions for diagnostic imaging of the female breast.

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Who worked in the 1990s or even earlier with computers, had to do that on screens that seem almost ridiculous from today’s point of view: tiny and so low resolution, that you only when writing or drawing That has changed: Today even huge screens are quite cheap – and they offer a comfort that should not be underestimated. As a user, you can not only see several of his documents, you can also conveniently place several sources of information side by side: the document in which one writes in the word processor on the one,

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the notes or web searches on the other side. So nothing gets in the way often with two monitors: Who programs web pages, so on the one hand the code and on the other hand, the finished product next to each other in the eye. For video editing and image editing, it is convenient to outsource tool palettes to a separate display device: then they do not get in the way of the actual work. Finally, the informational junkies keep an eye on news sites,

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their twitter feed or their favorite webcam on the second monitor. Important information is always in sight. Both Windows and Mac are ideal for dealing with two ( or even more) Equipped monitors: In the display settings, you determine how the screens are April 2019 Calendar With Holidays placed side by side, so you can arrange the windows as you like. Many application programs are also designed to be used with multiple screens.

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