April 2019 Calendar Word

the company’s success following the intended business combination; the ability to successfully integrate the companies Praxair and Linde; Risks related to the impairment of senior management resources in relation to normalĀ April 2019 Calendar Word business operations through the proposed business combination; the risk of adverse consequences of the announcement or execution of the proposed business combination on the stock market price of Linde’s or Praxair’s common stock;

April 2019 Calendar Word

the ability of Linde and Praxair to hold or hire key employees or employees and to maintain relationships with their respective suppliers and customers; on their operating results or their companies in general; the risk that Linde plc may not be able to achieve the expected synergy effects, or that achieving these synergies may prove more protracted or more costly than planned; Regulatory and regulatory initiatives at local, state,

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or federal level or abroad that focus on the cost recovery and profitability of investments, the tariff structure, and the speed and extent to which the competitor has access to the industries of industrial gases, engineering and Healthcare; the outcome of litigation and official investigations, proceedings or investigations; the timing and extent of changes in commodity prices, interest rates and foreign exchange rates; the general economic situation, including the risk of a continued slowdown or worsening of the economy,

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or the risk of a slowdown in recovery, which could affect the long-term demand for industrial gas, engineering and healthcare and related services; potential effects of terrorist attacks and any subsequent acts of war or other conflict; Changes in environmental, safety and other laws and regulations; the development of alternative energy resources, results and costs of financing efforts, including the possibility of obtaining financing on favorable terms, which can be influenced by various factors, including credit rating atings and general market and economic conditions;

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an increase in the cost of goods and services required for the completion of investment projects; the impact of accounting pronouncements regularly issued by the relevant committees; Conditions of the bond and capital markets; the market acceptance of and the continued demand for the products and services of Linde and Praxair;

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Changes in tax laws and their interpretation that could increase the consolidated tax burden of Praxair, Linde or Linde plc, and the other factors discussed in Linde’s published annual and interim reports and on the SEC’s website (www.sec .gov) of Praxair and Linde plc filing for publication with the SEC, in particular those under the headings ‘Risk Factors’ and ‘Forward Looking Statements’ in Form 10-K of Praxair for the year 31 December 2017 are explained.

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The above list of risk factors is not exhaustive. The risks and other risks associated with the proposed business combination are set out in the Proxy Statement / Prospectus and the Offer Prospectus contained in the Registration Statement (Form S-4) filedĀ April 2019 Calendar Word with the SEC by Linde plc and in the offer document or in any event Further details of the prospectuses or supplements filed with BaFin in connection with the planned business combination are provided.

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