Tips and Tricks for Nova Launcher APK

When it comes to the best launcher for android, then only one app comes to mind, and that is Nova Launcher. The launcher offers various features that allow the most customization to users for any smartphone. And that’s why the number of Nova launcher apk download is increasing significantly. These numerous features can be used in many ways that most people don’t know.

Tips and Tricks of Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher Apk
Nova Launcher Apk


  • Hidden folders –


The most commonly used apps can be found using this feature. There is no need to swipe through the apps to find one. Users can make hidden app folder that will appear with an icon chosen by the user. When tapped the icon will open one app, but when swiped it will show all the selected apps.


  • Swipe actions in home screen –


Users can use two fingers to make swipe gestures to open many things in the home screen. Swiping up will open app drawer whereas swiping down will open google now. These can be changed on nova launcher settings.


  • Swipe on apps –


Also users can set swipe actions on the app. Like swiping on various apps to open different apps like swiping up on the calendar to open set remainder. These can be set on nova launcher settings.


  • Lock –


If anyone has broken lock switch then he/she can use the double tap to lock gesture of nova launcher to lock the screen and wake up the screen. This can be done on nova launcher settings.


  • Using emoji as a label –


Emojis can be set up for different apps to label them. This can make the icons look fancier instead of using normal words.

These were the most common tips and tricks to use nova launcher, but there are even more features. So to check them all out it is first necessary to download Nova launcher apk download.

How to Reduce Weight

Start with aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is not very demanding on the site (but if you are a particularly obese person, reduce the exercise such as running, your weight is too large to cause irreversible damage to the knee, you can swim from At the beginning How to Reduce Weight, even if you don’t swim, it’s a good exercise in the water.) And it works relatively fast, which boosts your confidence and develops the habit of exercising.

How to Reduce Weight

Healthy weight loss methods, how to lose weight healthily, how to lose weight is the healthiest. If you are sitting while riding, pull your legs up and down 5 cm from the ground and hang your soles. This can exercise the abdominal muscles. Keep up for a few stops. Standing and training the front side of the thigh. When you hold the inner ring of the car, the legs cross forward and backward, and the hind legs push forward fully. This is effective for training the front leg and thigh. Do not stop breathing during training, keep for 6 seconds, do 1 for each side

How to Reduce Weight How to Reduce Weight How to Reduce Weight

Exercise Healthy Weight Loss

1, Fixed exercise

3 to 5 fixed exercises a week is a good way to reduce body fat, lose weight, increase muscles, and energize. Running, 5 times a week, 45 minutes each time, 170 meters per minute, can reduce 10 pounds in 3 months; dancing, 6 times a week, 1 hour each time, can reduce 10 pounds in 4 months Swimming, 4 hours a week, can reduce 10 pounds in 4 months; cycling, 4 times a week, 1 hour each time, 15 kilometers per hour, can reduce 10 pounds in 5 months. If you haven’t done a regular workout before, start with less to prevent injury to your body. If the amount of exercise is too large, it will increase the amount of food, which will not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In addition, you can exercise on the way to work, “slimming exercise”

Exercise Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Healthy Weight Loss

If you are sitting while riding, pull your legs up and down 5 cm from the ground and hang your soles. This can exercise the abdominal muscles. Keep up for a few stops. Standing and training the front side of the thigh. When you hold the inner ring of the car, the legs cross forward and backward, and the hind legs push forward fully. This is effective for training the front leg and thigh. Do not stop breathing during training, keep it for 6 seconds, and do it one or three times. When the signal light is on, it is closed. Focus on the abdomen and tighten for 6 seconds. Feel the navel close to the back. Always pay attention to doing this every day.

2, strength training

Strength training can strengthen your muscles. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. Three 45-minute weight lifting exercises per week can reduce 10 pounds in 10 months. To avoid injury to the body, the coach should be asked to help choose the right weight and develop an appropriate exercise program. Stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain flexibility, weight and weight can be gradually increased.

3, reduce calorie intake combined with walking

Replacing Coca-Cola with soda can consume 150 kilocalories less per day. If you add a 5km walk for 45 minutes each time 5 times a week, you can lose 10 pounds in 3 months. If you reduce the amount of calories and maintain the above walk, you can lose 10 pounds in 7 weeks.

Diet healthy weight loss

1. Appetite control method

Resist appetite, only 70% of your previous constants per meal. After a week, your stomach will naturally shrink and your appetite will naturally drop. Most obese patients have a good appetite, so that medication can be used to reduce appetite.

2, eat less meals

The method of eating less and eating more is to divide the daily eating habits of three meals a day into more meals. When you feel hungry, the slower you eat, the better. This will reduce the accumulation of excess fat.

Diet healthy weight loss Diet healthy weight loss Diet healthy weight loss

3, fruit diet

Fruit weight loss method means that nothing is eaten except fruit, and only fruit is eaten all day until it is full. Of course, not all fruits are suitable for weight loss. The more effective weight-loss fruits are apples, kiwis, and raisins.

The principle of weight loss:

Eating fruit can cause weight loss in a short period of time, because eating only one thing can reduce our intake of food. Especially high-fiber fruit, we can make our metabolism faster, and weigh down.

Chinese medicine healthy weight loss

Chinese medicine ingredients to lose weight

1. Herbal medicine diet: We can lose weight by using traditional Chinese medicine with anti-obesity effect. This includes some diet pills and herbal oral medications. Nowadays, the most popular is to make oral tablets by extracting the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines, which greatly improves the absorption of the drugs, thereby reducing fat more quickly.

2, white vinegar diet: white vinegar contains amino acids can not only consume body fat, but also help promote the metabolism of sugar and protein. According to the survey, 15 ml to 20 ml of white vinegar per day can reduce 6 kg of fat in one month.

3, drinking tea diet: We all know that unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of obesity. Replacing carbonated drinks with tea not only reduces calorie intake, but also promotes body metabolism and fat breakdown more effectively.

Other ways of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine include acupuncture weight loss and meridian weight loss.

Chinese medicine healthy weight loss Chinese medicine healthy weight loss Chinese medicine healthy weight loss


1, acupuncture weight loss method: by stimulating meridian points can help you improve the function of the two systems: the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenal cortex, and cross-coupling – adrenal medulla. Therefore, not only the basic metabolism is accelerated, but also the fat metabolism is accelerated, thereby increasing the heat consumption of excess fat. Finally, it is possible to adjust, repair and improve the natural balance of the human body.

2, Meridian weight loss method: Chinese medicine has its own unique form in the meridian slimming, there is a body-shaped body and a kind of magnetite meridian method in the form of black plaster added magnets, there are also acupuncture points using the traditional Chinese medicine acupoint meridian “pushing abdomen” . By massaging specific acupoints, adjusting the meridians of specific areas, thereby regulating the functions of the five internal organs and the endocrine system to achieve How to Reduce Weight, through acupuncture can reduce hunger and help control diet.

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips – Simple Beauty Tips and Economy
If you are tired of beauty products and spend a lot of money, but hope is always good, homemade beauty tips will become your best ally.That is, thanks to this blog, you will find countless natural remedies to enhance your beauty. The biggest spending is very little money.

Homemade Beauty Tips

For beauty tips, hair, eyes, lips, body, hands and feet are prepared with cheap ingredients and, in addition, they express to meet any need and become your body who wants to pamper the use of products from nature The best ally of men and women. Discover the best homemade beauty tips for skin care, using natural ingredients for hands, feet, eyes, body and hair.

Homemade Beauty Tips Homemade Beauty Tips Homemade Beauty Tips
Homemade Beauty Tips They are great men and women who want women to have flawless skin using natural ingredients, cheap and easy to find. And more when combined with a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and drinking two liters of water a day and ingesting healthy tea like green tea, the ponytail or matcha, for example.

It is worth noting that, also, if you want to have flawless skin, you will also apply for a vital sunscreen before leaving your face and neck, every day. As long as you can avoid the appearance of burns, melanoma licks spots on the skin, and delays skin aging.

Are you already included in your life, these good habits? Dare to use the combination of beauty tips Found below your home, you can have your skin always dreams.

Tips for homemade yogurt and orange beauty to brighten skin
Original yogurt is not only a perfect health care, but also to enhance skin beauty. This is a fab ingredient. Home remedies. This is due to its rich in lactic acid, which is responsible for maintaining skin cleansing, no impurities e, and even, reducing dark spots.

Orange, at the same time, is a well-known citric acid containing high doses of vitamin C, a perfect substance to maintain a youthful complexion, eliminating acne and blackheads, and making an extra dose of light to the skin.


2 tablespoons pure yogurt



Cut the oranges in half and squeeze the juice of the original fruit juice of both healthy fruits.
When you have changed the homologous mask in both ingredients, it is applied to the skin clean and dry without covering the eyes and lips.
To be effective, you must have some action for 15 o 20 minutes.
After this time, the solution is removed with warm water, dry your face and apply moisturizing depending on your skin type.
You can use this natural mask once or twice a week if you want to have a perfect skin.

Use Lemon and Soda

Tips of homemade lemon and soda to eliminate the US beans
Homemade beauty tips can also quickly eliminate acne and acne skin without resorting to expensive beauty products or care.

Although there are many ingredients in the end of the granite, this time we will use sodium bicarbonate.

Why? It is a product rich in bactericidal and antibacterial properties. This will help you get rid of acne and blackheads quickly.

Use Lemon and Soda Use Lemon and Soda Use Lemon and Soda

Moreover, even if you combine it with lemon, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, which will make your skin clean, free of impurities, and bring youth and radiance.


One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

Half a lemon


Pour in the beaker of sodium bicarbonate and add some lemon juice to pieces.
When both ingredients become soft, extend the pimples solution until they are completely covered.
Remember that you have to perform this action after being cleaned and dry your face.
If the mixture of bicarbonate and lemon peel does not adhere well, you can keep laying on the gypsum.
So Dongfang can effectively eliminate acne, and you will soon leave for one hour to put it into practice every day.

Coriander Homemade Beauty

Tips Coriander homemade beauty removes skin problem
Do you love to remove stains from natural ingredients and economic skin? Then, you can use home beauty techniques to make coriander.

And in essence, this product stands out is very rich in vitamin C, can not miss the substance Beauty Tips Home care for the skin because:

Coriander Homemade Beauty Coriander Homemade Beauty Coriander Homemade Beauty

Promotes the production of collagen, responsible for smoothness and skin elasticity.
Attenuate stains.
Regenerate the skin.
Delaying aging is a powerful antioxidant.
Accelerate wound healing.

2 tablespoons fresh parsley

Half cup of water

Half a lemon


The parsley is washed with water to remove debris.
Water heating.
Let us sit for more than half an hour.
After 30 minutes, filter was prepared with a sieve to remove the parsley and become water.
Squeeze the lemon juice and then add the water just to prepare the coriander.
To do this, you can apply this natural solution and skin as if it were a regular facial tonic.
Remember, after you wash your face, you have to expand it. If you want to get it, it will be important that you use it twice a day. Skin problems disappears in the shortest amount of time.
You can apply for cotton pads with the help of you.

Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar

Tips for homemade beauty and strawberry sugar to remove dead skin
If you use homemade beauty tips to remove dead skin, you can drag dead cells once a week, fill the face, reduce stains, and provide extra power for soft skin.

Two fantastic ingredients that make homemade exfoliating are strawberries and sugar, both economical and ideal for skin care. Contains vitamin C and grainy textures to perfectly remove dead cells. Also allows care for all skin types!

Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar


2 strawberries

One tablespoon of white or brown sugar


Wash the strawberries with water, take the tail, flatten them with a fork and convert them into mud.
Mix the strawberry jam with white or brown sugar and promote the cleansing of the skin to create a homemade mask. Gently massage in the circle.
Massage on the face for a few seconds, after, remove this unilateral strawberry and sugar with warm water.
Dry your face with a towel and use your favorite moisturizer.
You can use this Homemade Beauty Tips exfoliation and nature once a week. If you have perfect skin is one of your goals. If you like homemade beauty tips, you can also use hair care, for example, a remedy for beer to lighten hair.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Which brush for which use? The question comes up frequently. ITC presents 13 basic brushes for successful makeup (Makeup Brushes and Their Uses). Know first of all that there are two different types of brush hair, natural hair and synthetic hair. They each have a specific use.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The brush for the foundation
Applying the foundation with a brush makes it easier to apply to the skin, and avoids getting your fingers dirty. These brushes can be flat, round or brush-shaped, depending on the desired finish.

The brush for concealer and corrector
Correcting its imperfection and makeup dark circles allows for a more even complexion and a more awake and bright look. It must be thin and flat to apply the product evenly and accurately to the inner corner of the eye, the corner of the nostrils or small imperfections.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses Makeup Brushes and Their Uses Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The brush for loose powder
Applying loose powder after the foundation and concealer helps to matify the complexion and make makeup hold all day without it sneaking between wrinkles. It can be more or less big but soft and soft so as to deposit the powder lightly.

The brush for contouring
Contouring allows you to refine certain parts of your face by playing with shadows and light. It can be done using powders, sticks or liquids. Thanks to its flat or beveled shape, it allows a precise application of the tan.

The brush for the blush
The touch of blush on the cheek cheekbones guarantees a good-looking effect guaranteed, be it coral, golden or pink. The head in the shape of a feather duster allows a precise and soft application of the blush.

The brush for the highlighter
The highlighter, in combination with contouring or alone, adds a glowy touch to shine throughout the day. It can be applied with the brush for loose powder in small touches above the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose and on Cupid’s bow. But we prefer a nice fan brush for a light application.

The brush for the highlighter The brush for the highlighter The brush for the highlighter

Brush for eyebrows
A beautiful eyebrow well drawn immediately gives a sophisticated touch to your eyes. The eyebrows support it and enhance it. Rather than buying an eyebrow brush and a bottle brush, there are two handsets on the market. The brush must be fine and beveled to follow the line of the eyebrow and mimic the shape of the hair.

Shading brush
The shadow brush is THE base of the brushes to make up the eyes. It is with him that the eye shadows are uniformly deposited on the mobile eyelid of the eye. It can be more or less flat but thick enough to take enough material for a uniform application and provided.

The brush for the hollow of the eyelid
Adding a dark point in the hollow of the eyelid helps to define it. She immediately gives depth to make-up and look. The brush should be oval and bushy for a precise but light application that can be easily blurred.

The blending brush
A beautiful make-up of the eyes passes by a good blurring of colors for a finish without demarcations, and smockies perfectly blurred. The shape in small thick ball guarantees a mixture of the colors without demarcations.

The eyeliner brush
A very fine brush and angled allows to make a line of eyeliner for cat’s eyes at the height of seduction. To realize with a eyeliner in pot or with a little moistened eyeshadow. Its shape, imitating a tip of felt or fine bevel, also makes it possible to apply kohl in the internal lining of the eye without irritating it.

The precision brush
Use a small precision brush in the inner corner of the eye, or shade under the lower lash. It is also possible to use it with concealer and concealer to hide small imperfections.

The precision brush The precision brush The precision brush

The lip brush
The lip brush is useful for applying a lipstick of bright and intense color, like a fatal red, cleanly and precisely without overflowing with its small pointed head that slips into all corners.

The nice brush kits
It can be more profitable sometimes to buy kit brushes that cosmetic brands often offer on their websites or directly in the store. Some brands partner with artists to offer make up addicts original brushes, far from the classic black. When some offer a complete set of brushes, others choose to create specialized sets for eyebrows, essentials, basics etc.

The different makeup brushes: Description and instructions for use

Which makeup brushes to choose for makeup? There are dozens of brushes to make up, how to navigate, who to buy?

The brushes in natural bristles allow a more intense and precise application of powders and make-up. They keep particles better in the hair.

The different makeup brushes The different makeup brushes The different makeup brushes
Synthetic bristle brushes are more suitable for liquid or greasy bodies such as foundation, lipstick … They are stronger and last longer by better washing resistance.
→ The shapes are also important, the rectangular brushes are used for the precision of the lines, the beveled to be closer to the desired location. Rounded and supplied deposit and melt powders and dishes spread.

Brushes for face makeup

Powder brush
Features: Round and dense brush designed to apply loose or pressed powders, its round shape marries the face and blurs without overloading.
Uses: Apply, fade, sculpt
Instructions for use: Take a small amount of powder with the brush, then apply it by sweeping the entire face. Can be used with a tan to carve the face.

Blush paintbrush
Characteristics: A little thinner than the powder brush, it is thick and provided with rather soft natural hair. The hairs are rounded to carve the face.

Brushes for face makeup Brushes for face makeup Brushes for face makeup
Uses: Apply, fade, sculpt
How to use: We take a small amount of blush with the brush, then it is gently deposited on the curved cheekbones by small touches, while going back to the temples.

Beveled powder brush
Characteristics: It is dense and cut in angle: It is used to work the powders, structure and illuminate the face.
Use: Apply, Fade, Illuminate, Sculpt
How to use: The powder is removed with the rounded tip of the brush to apply on the cheekbones. With the bevel side, it stretches and blends to the temples. To carve the face by digging the cheeks Makeup Brushes and Their Uses, we put a shade darker under the previous at the bottom of the cheekbones, we stretch it with the bevel from the back to the front of the face.

Hairstyles for Women

Trendy Hairstyles for Women: As a woman, you want your hair to look great. Whether they are short, half long or long. Are you sometimes a bit uninspiring as far as hairstyles are concerned? In this article we give you some inspiration to take with you to your next hairdressing visit.

Hairstyles for Women

Who says that you can not go many ways with a short, spicy cup? These short hairstyles are practical, ready in the morning in no time and ultra-feminine. With some gel in it you can put your locks back, but neatly combed you can go to the gala ball. During sports you do not have to fix your hair.

Hairstyles for Women Hairstyles for Women Hairstyles for Women


Hairstyles for Half Long Hair 

Half long hair is an easy length. Ideal for almost all updos, but still practical enough. Stiff, curled or in a midline: with half long locks you steal the show. It is also easy to maintain.

Hairstyles for Half Long Hair  Hairstyles for Half Long Hair  Hairstyles for Half Long Hair 

Hairstyles for Long Hair 

Long hair is not always practical, but very graceful and feminine. Fortunately there are countless hairstyles to make it easier for you. You can of course just wear it. Those who handle it smartly can enjoy their beautiful manes carefree.

Hairstyles for Long Hair  Hairstyles for Long Hair  Hairstyles for Long Hair 


The perfect temperature for a hair straightener is 210 ° degrees, many heat irons only heat up to 180 degrees and therefore result in less result.
Brushing is best done with a small round brush, so you get optimal volume. Dry quickly with cold air to hold the volume.
For extra shiny locks you lay a warm towel over your wet hair after rinsing your conditioner.



The short look that works with every type of hair and gets the best out of your face! He emphasizes your eyes, mouth and if you have beautiful cheekbones, this is a fantastic look for you. Even though this shortcut is pretty daring, you can style it very feminine and modern with products that do not leave your hair tufts greasy or heavy but shiny.

When you ask a stylist for advice about hair styles of women over 50, they will probably tell you to consider cutting it off. This does not apply to all women, but usually long hair makes you seem older than 45 than you really are.
When you ask a stylist for advice about hair styles of women over 50, they will probably tell you to consider cutting it off. This does not apply to all women, but usually long hair makes you seem older than 45 than you really are. And in addition, it draws attention to parts that you do not want at all. In addition, a short haircut is also easy to maintain. Do you immediately get associations with short-hairstyles? You really do not have to.

These can go to the hairdresser: the 25 best hairstyles of the moment
Autumn is the perfect time for a new hairstyle. Your hair has had to endure a lot in the summer and can use some extra care. And nothing calls a fresh start as a new haircut.


Top hairdresser Rob Peetoom has listed the 25 best hairstyles of this fall for us. From straight to curl, short, long, blonde, dark and everything in between: there’s something for every woman. Choose your favorite, save the photo and take it to the hairdresser. Happy new hair!

Yourself a short cup? You must have tried that once in your life. Because really: everyone is standing with short hair. These 33 readers are living proof.
Are you ready for short hair?
Short hair is a commitment. So first read these facts before you put the scissors in.

If you go from long to short hair, you better use other styling devices. Invest in good tools for short hair. With a thinner curling and hair straightener you get better control over your short locks.
If you go from long to short hair, you better use other styling devices. Invest in good tools for short hair. With a thinner curling and hair straightener you get better control over your short locks.
If you have a bad hair day with long hair, turn it into a bun or choose a loose braid. That is no longer possible with short hair.


You look in the mirror and you think you do not look your best. Then you can do a few things.
You can purchase the latest anti-aging creams or some new makeup, but you could also think of another hairstyle. The right hairstyle can make you years younger.

Hairstyles in which all the hair is pulled out of your face are less suitable than hairstyles where the hair falls softly around the face. A lock or pony is also often recommended because the forehead where there are often wrinkles is covered.

Hairstyles for 50plus that make you younger
As you can see, a few things stand out:


light colors predominate
There are almost no hairstyles with a separation in the middle. Certainly if your hair becomes thinner, it is better to choose a separation aside or no separation.

The stars do it like that
Many women think that once they have passed 40, long hair can not. But long or medium length hair can be very flattering. Slightly wavy hair is a better option than very flat and straight hair cut to one length. Loose and wavy hair gives your face a softer look, and whatever can be important: it covers your neck.

You would almost forget that Michelle Pfeiffer is already 50plus. She still looks fantastic with long hair.
If you opt for a short haircut, choose a smooth haircut, for example with tufts, that you can model with gel. If you do not want the emphasis to lie too much on lines and wrinkles, make sure that there are some loose tufts in your face. Short hair is especially suitable if you are well-built and have a nice face.

A half-length hairstyle with a parting aside where you have a long Hairstyles for Women bang that slants over your face, is very suitable if you get older. It covers your forehead in part and falls into your face so that it removes wrinkles and lines from the eye.

Beauty Tips for Girls

The best Beauty Tips for Girls. All parents want our little princess to grow up to be an elegant and beautiful woman. Especially the mother makes all the effort so that her beloved girl, always look beautiful and elegant, but you should always advise not to neglect the development of the girl’s personality.

Beauty Tips for Girls

Inner beauty is as important as outer beauty. So that your girl always looks beautiful and elegant, you have to teach her to trust in herself and be comfortable with what she has. Your girl has to be proud of what she has given her and with the type of body she has. Help your little princess develop good self-esteem and keep her away from all negative comments.

Never make the mistake of your person, that is, you can criticize a bad habit that your child has made, but never do it with rude words. Rather try to advise him with soft words and tell him that what he has done is wrong. You as a father or mother have to strive tenaciously to increase each day the trust in your little girl, without trying to make him an arrogant person.

Beauty Tips for Girls Beauty Tips for Girls Beauty Tips for Girls
Mainly arrogance is considered as a method of self-defense against personal criticism. If you do not find flaws in your child’s behavior, she will put aside her defenses. By no means let your girl feel that her nose is too short or too long, that her skin is very dark or that the height of her features is wrong, because this will only develop a bad self-esteem in the girl’s personality.

It is not essential to have classic features, just to look beautiful. Absolutely every person is unique and original, the small defects that the body possesses are responsible for adding character to its beauty and can work for its benefit. Even if your girl does not have a few extra pounds, she always has to instill in her the habit of physical activity. Physical activity will help your child maintain her form for years to come and at the same time get enough energy to feel better about herself, as a result your child will look more attractive.

Instead of having well-balanced characteristics, tell your child that it is more important to be prepared. In order for your child to look really attractive and beautiful, she has to speak well, dress correctly, walk well, have well-groomed and shiny hair. Do not take importance in your skin color or in small eyes. Always tell your child that she is beautiful and beautiful.


Good eating habits for your children. If your children have a healthy diet, they will get beautiful hair and well-groomed skin. Since your child begins to eat, get used to giving healthy foods, you will have the advantage of having a healthy life and radiant beauty. Give your child the following foods:

  • Milk
  • cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Green vegetables
  • Fresh fruits

Hair and skin care of your children. Teach your children to always keep their hair neat and clean. For hair always use a shampoo that is soft and does not have many chemicals. It is also a good idea to massage your hair and skin with natural oils.

Hygiene. Tell your children to bathe every three days and in the summer season leaving one day. To keep the children’s body clean and fresh, use perfumed talcum powder.

I also recommend reading the following articles and do not forget to leave your comment, thank you very much:

How to take care of my baby teeth 

Foods to prevent and combat childhood anemia
Techniques for your children to grow smarter

Beauty Tips for 11 year Old Girls

Less is more when you’re a pre-teen experimenting with makeup for the first time. The key is to accentuate what you have and make sure that you look appropriate for your age.
Skin care
During the day also use sunscreen on your face and body, as moisturizers with SPF do not provide sufficient protection. It is important to use sunscreen when you are young to avoid skin damage when you are older.

If you have pimples, do not squeeze them, as this leaves scars. Do not use makeup on your face if you have acne. The makeup will cover your pores and it will be more difficult for the skin to recover again. Also, all the makeup you buy should be without oil.

The goal is to look natural. Shades in natural colors may be appropriate, but some schools have expelled their students for wearing makeup. If you are allowed to use eye shadow, try the light purple, pink or brown colors to achieve a softer look. The objective is to show a touch of color and not overload with bright and bold colors.

Lipstick, no. Lip gloss, yes. Use lip gloss with SPF. These glitters come in many colors, so you can buy a couple of them and alternate them.

Paint your nails. There are so many colors to choose from that your nails will never get bored, and it’s a way to express your personality through beauty. It is better to get away from the dark and flashy enamels, since the goal is not to attract negative attention. Opt for transparent colors, creams, roses, reds and cakes.


There are several essences aimed at pre-adolescents. There are also perfumes made with natural ingredients such as lily, lavender and jasmine. You can buy perfumes that smell like your favorite essence, like clean clothes, baby powder or sugar cookies.

Some parents believe that it is appropriate for girls of this age to make reflections in the hairdressing salon, but others do not think so. If you are going to color your hair, be gentle. Make sure your appearance is natural, as if the sun had cleared it.

Beauty Tips For Girls - Health Tips

If your hair is straight and you want to wave it, shake it wet before you go to sleep and you’ll get up with wavy hair. For special occasions, ask an adult to roll your hair with a curling iron. Do not forget that a simple ponytail looks pretty on anyone (Beauty Tips for Girls).