Blank February 2019 Calendar

Or they call and say, “You are absolutely great, too bad I did not know you earlier! I have you just now only seen at the Thalia in Hamburg! “Because there we have also implemented our shop. Is that an exception, the Thalia in Hamburg, or do you do that more often? We have already tried different things stationary, for example, we have the Bikini House¬†Blank February 2019 Calendar in Berlin successfully completed a test with its own shop in the shop – which is really crazy that loyal brand fans take two or three hours drive on and go there pilgrimage to experience the brand.

Blank February 2019 Calendar

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Is there such a live signing campaign with Joana? No more, because we are not selling the brand yet – fortunately – very detached from Joana. We have many customers or customers who are now rediscovering the brand. If you were to ask them if they knew Joana, they would probably first ask who that is, and conversely, there are many people who ask Joana why their pictures are always showing the products of or not and whether they are sponsored. How loyal are your customers?

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Do they often come back once they have bought such a desk pad? Niklas: Yes, actually we already have loyal customers who are also crazy brand fans. We also call them “our community” because we do a lot with them and really do social commerce intensively. For example, we design products based on polls, such as our Adventure Calendar or our Lovestory Book.


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For our Lovestory Book, for example, we have built our own campaign page in our online shop, on which a template is available, through which customers can upload their own picture with themselves and their partner, download a mock-up from the picture with the book and at the same time upload to Instagram and post so you can participate in a raffle. And is that also done? Yes. And are you selling more Lovestory Books?


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That was the launch of the product at that time. Such actions are very important to us when selling our products. But you still have not 100 percent of how loyal your customers are. The fact is, we have a lot of CRM up in the air. We implemented Emarsys this year and it works fine so far. So your problem would be that the customers in your business are very loyal, but you can not reactivate them. Exactly, we could reactivate them a lot better if we had reasonable systems, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do now.


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(Meanwhile, both online stores are running Shopware on Shopware, and the frontend for Jo & Judy is Niklas and his team themselves But before Alex knows what he’s doing, Niklas turns the tables and asks him the crucial question: “What’s in it for Spryker?” Simple,¬†Blank February 2019 Calendar Alex says: As soon as you get to the point where you want to differentiate more clearly and go deeper into development , you can not get around Spryker anymore.)

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