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To test in people’s preferences for different types of food, scientists opposed 40 volunteers with computers, and the rewards in the game were food. The food offered in the computer game was either rich in fat like cheese or rich in carbohydrates like biscuits or both. In order to reach a specific diet, respondents Blank June 2019 Calendar had to compete with the computer. Scientists have found that the respondents were far more successful in food that was rich in fats and carbohydrates.


Blank June 2019 Calendar


During the game on the computer, scientists monitored brain activity by volunteers using magnetic resonance imaging. The obtained readings were consistently consistent with the results of the game – the brain area in which the remuneration center was most strongly stimulated by high-fat and carbohydrate foods, Metro Portal writes.


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Some people find it hard to get over their lips – ‘sorry’. Whether they think they are right, whether they want to give the other side satisfaction, they will try to avoid the apology or apologize with the rough tone and expression of the face that gives resistance and distaste.

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First, the Aries is most likely at all will not apologize. If the offended person is very important or overwhelming, he will apologize to anyone as clearly as he or she wants to do. Or something will mumble or moan and turn to the other side with an elevated and almost tattered tone. LAV does everything in a theatrical style and will apologize as if it is the main actor in the play.


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Highly lifted head, he will try not to lend a loser with his gesture. It will show an apology as a great and rare privilege that the ruler shares with the subject. If someone has offended, Scorpio is generally convinced that this one deserves it. If he realizes that the other side was innocent, and if he values ​​worthy attention, he will be honest, but not humble. But if an offended person (s) is guilty of a situation, he will send an ironic apology or will be offended. He will only apologize if he is not under pressure.



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If he feels that the other party or environment imposes it as an obligation, it will be scattered and occupy a solid defensive position. He can be perfectly aware that he is guilty, but he will not stand a millimeter. Insisting on Bik’s apology will only spoil the already distorted relationship.



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It has several tactics to apologize: 1. it is unkind to say that he is only sorry to take away the offended person from his back; 2. he will apologize for the mysterious, ambiguous formulations that the other side will long moves, 3. will seek to justify and pass guilty to insult the insulted.Autobahn or the Bundesautobahn is a German state motorway that is branched to about 13,000 kilometers in this European country. It is cons Blank June 2019 Calendar idered the fastest freeway in the world, and also the most famous road that does not have a classic speed limit.

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