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For companies, this means that they must be able to assess customer wishes and habits as well as their perception more and more precisely, for example by precisely analyzing customer histories. The term Customer Journey outlines the.7. Technological maturity: Forrester speaks of the dual agenda of tech management, other analysts call it the IT Blank March 2019 Calendar of two speeds. Specifically, companies need to focus on new end-user technologies, working with cloud computing and fast customer platforms. At the same time, they must not neglect traditional IT and its efficiency goals.

Blank March 2019 Calendar



All about Cloud Computing on CIO.deIT Skills for Digitization1 / 128 New Employee RolesLaw Forrester Needs IT Departments Consulting Capabilities and Cross Collaboration. This requires political instinct and methodological competence. Photo: vege – Fotolia.com8. Infrastructure: All of these IT requirements touch on infrastructure.


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CIOs need to modernize, says Forrester. Modernizing often includes the step to Cloud and Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI). This refers to network, server and storage. Forrester is already calling for an “infrastructure-as-code” movement. Awareness does not have to be created for it. The trend is accepted.Everything to server on CIO.deAll about storage on CIO.de9. Software and branding: With the ninth trend, the analysts emphasize the interaction of software support and brand.


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In each industry, companies can position themselves towards the younger consumers, the digital natives, by using connectivity and digitally improving their products and services. “Everything must be smart,” says Forrester.10. BYOD: That employees bring their own devices is now accepted under the abbreviation BYOD (bring your own device), explains Forrester.

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Next year, it’s time to integrate the devices, fine-tune their usage, and make the promised benefits of more collaboration and productivity more visible. About BYOD at CIO.deThe experts of the moment are for Forrester Enterprise Architecture specialists. They are at the table when drawing up a business technology agenda. Overall, the focus is on IT investment: as far as possible island solutions are to be avoided and from the outset to support end-to-end processes, write the analysts.


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Berlin. Cars that drive by themselves, speakers that control everyday life at home – and virtual worlds via special glasses. Some of what was already in fashion in 2017 will be important in 2018, too. Companies are constantly working on new developments • SELF-DRIVING CARS: All working on robot cars – carmakers, industry suppliers, technology companies like Alphabet and Apple, car service agents like Uber and barely known start-ups.


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Among the many players is a race to redesign the huge one Market, in which mobility and urban planning are being revolutionized. Before autonomous cars regularly hit the streets around the year 2020, it will become clear who will be ahead in the race for the future in 2018. • AUGMENTED REALITY: Among other things, Apple swears Blank March 2019 Calendar by the technology of augmented reality (Augmented Reality), in which virtual contents are integrated on the display in real environments. The iPhone group wants to give the platform ARKit app developers the possibility to integrate the technology into their apps without much effort. First, it’s about games and applications for learning or the profession.

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