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But what arguments are put forward in the discussions between supporters of wolf savers and more crowded regulators?The wolf’s caretakers say that: there are too few wolves in Lithuania; due to human activity, there is a decrease in the number of suitable territories for Blank May 2019 Calendar their living; hunting is too intense and scattered by the wolf family as a result of the absence of an adult, and single wolves can hardly fumble wildlife, causing more damage to domestic animals;

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the damage to cattle breeding is increasing due to the disproportionate increase in the number of livestock in the wolf population (leave the sheep to blame for the wolves themselves), and the livestock breeders do not apply protection from wolf measures; Only wolves can properly regulate the abundance of wild shepherds, and wolf abundance can be regulated by illnesses; Finally, hunters (sometimes awarded with spectacular epithets) seek to eliminate wolves as rivals due to spoilage.

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The advocates of more intensive regulation of the wolf claim that: incorrect methods of wolf tracking are used, even without any possible mistakes, and wolves live in Lithuania much more than positive; does not take into account the growth of wolves, even does not attempt to determine what it could be; the number of wolves indicated in the requests for hunters’ environmental protection agencies does not take into account the number of wolves indicated in the proposals for setting the limits for the pursuit of beekeeping;


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the wolf hunting limit is fulfilled in a short period of time, which indicates that the amount of gray is more than stated in the account; the wolf’s damage to livestock and hunting economy is significantly increasing; By means of existing measures it is impossible to effectively protect animals from wolves; wolves are increasingly adapting to live in more urbanized areas in small forest areas, thus expanding their residential areas (wolf numbers are increasing);


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only wolves can not properly regulate the abundance of wildlife populations, because human beings have already overused their activities in nature’s processes; hunters are not wolf killers who want to eradicate their competitors, but only wolves want to hunt in hunting culture hunting rules and terms in hunting rules and keep wolves in woods so that “sheep are healthy and wolf-fed”; It is totally unacceptable that the abundance of predatory beasts is regulated by infectious diseases.

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And the arbitrator in this debate should be all the Ministry of Environment handling the hunting industry. The wolf-hunting limits must be set for nobody else, or limited to wolf hunting season regulation. In order to establish gray hunting limits, first of all, with the help of educational institutions, to improve the accounting methods, to apply not only one, but several, to calculate possible accounting errors, to determine the size of the wolf’s growth, the nature of the migration.


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It is important to take into account also damage to livestock farming and hunting industry, reports from citizens about obscured wolves or the traces of their activities Blank May 2019 Calendar (Nonprofessional science project of the Nature Research Center and the Society of Lithuanian Hunters and Fishermen for the account of large predators).

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