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On Sunday, the central celebration of St. Stephen’s Day for the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Croatia, was held in the crowded Blank November 2018 Calendar hall of the House of Culture in Suce. St. Stephen the King Hungarians celebrate as king who on Christmas Day 1000 accepted the crown of Pope Silvestra and conveyed the Hungarian people to Christianity.

Blank November 2018 Calendar;

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Speaking on this occasion, the Speaker of the Croatian Democratic Union (DZMH) and Parliamentary Representative Robert Jankovich, the President of the Croatian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee – Miro Kovač, and the President of the Hungarian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Zsolt Németh, spoke at their speeches. In his speech, Kovač praised Jankovic’s work in the interest of Hungarian congregation in Croatia and praised all the initiatives that lead to a better relationship between Croatia and its neighbors, especially with Hungary.

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He reminded all the activities of the Hungarian community in Croatia during the aggression against Croatia in the protection of the homeland and thanked Hungary for every political and other help. His partner by function – Zsolt Németh pointed out that the sovereign peoples are the foundation of the future Christian Europe and that Croatia the football team has shown that small nations, if they are clever and complex, can be the carriers of the greatest things.

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– All over Hungary was fond of the Croatian soccer team at the World Football Championship and we had the impression that in your persistence, perseverance and efficiency you can summarize all the aspirations middle-European countries in relation to the great ones – said Nemeth. Robert Jankovics, President of the DZMH, emphasized in his speech the importance of the fact that parents and their children are talking in Hungarian, Hungarian language,

Blank November 2018 Calendar PDF Blank November 2018 Calendar Printable

that they all participate in the development of Hungarian identity and that all Hungarians will have it the support of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Croatia the peace trend continues within the Hungarian community in Croatia, this community is ready for great things. I would like to further support you – said Jankovics. Among the guests from the Croatian Parliament and the Hungarian Parliament, the event was attended by Deputy Mayor Pecsu, István Decsi, the Consulate General of Hungary in Osijek and the Embassy of Hungary in Zagreb. The event has already traditionally ended the dedication of the new bread.

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The event was funded by the Council for National Minorities. The Days of Bread – Days of Thanksgiving for the Country’s Fruits were organized within the program of the Day of the City Day at the Square of King Tomislav. The members of the Đeram Association have honored the citizens with baked bread and bread from an outdoor oven in combination with ginger and red pepper or pie and pasta products. Blank November 2018 Calendar Their wish was symbolic to remind them of the harvest of wheat, the importance of harvesting and treating the fruits of the earth. By gathering around the table and tasting of dough products, they wanted to express their gratitude and symbolically to achieve the communion of the city and the citizens.

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