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The temperature should be measured in the same place, i.e. for example under the armpit, in the mouth or in the rectum. In pharmacies, even special ovulation thermometers are available, which have a graduation to every tenth of the degree, thanks to which they are sufficiently accurate to determine fertile days. Immediately after ovulation the body November 2018 Calender USA temperature rises by at least 0.2 degrees Celsius, while it decreases only at the beginning of menstruation, if fertilization has not taken place. However, it should be remembered that the temperature can also increase after increased physical effort, as well as during a cold.

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The measured temperatures should be applied daily to the observation card in the calendar, so that at the end of the month it is possible to create a temperature change graph.Another way to determine fertile days is to perform the so-called ovulatory test. These tests can be purchased at most pharmacies.

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The ovulation test is similar to a pregnancy test. Also the principle of its operation is very similar – the bars on the test change color when fertile days are approaching. Their action is based on the detection of increased levels of luteotropin, which is associated with ovulation. Luteotropin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, and its secretion increases about 1-2 days before the onset of ovulation.

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The name naprotechnologia comes from the English name of the natural procreation method – Natural Procreative Technology. This method was developed in the 1990s by Professor Thomas Hilgers, who believed that most couples who can not have children are not infertile, but simply misdiagnosed. According to the professor, making the right diagnosis and discovering the causes of infertility should allow natural inconvenience to most people.

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It is also a good idea to record any other observations in the calendar, such as abdominal pain, changes in body temperature, past colds and infections. A calendar with observations should be carried out for a long time, and the full 24 hour period of the technological cycle takes place.

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During this time, the couple should be under the constant supervision of a specialist physician who analyzes the observed parameters and additionally orders hormonal and gynecological examinations.

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Knowing your monthly cycle and determining fertile and infertile days is often used as a method of contraception or just the opposite – thanks to the recognition of fertile days, it is possible to plan a pregnancy. What are the symptoms of fertile days? November 2018 Calender USA Fertile days can be recognized after body temperature and the type of mucus, but to do this well, you should observe your body for at least several cycles. In order to get to know the course of your monthly cycle, it is best to use a calendar in which all observed symptoms are marked.

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The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It counts from the first day of one menstrual period to the first day of the second menstruation. The ovulation calendar works best for women whose menstruation is regular. It is then quite November 2018 Calender With Holidays easy to tell when fertile days are falling out. Things get complicated if for various reasons a woman does not menstruate regularly. Even then, it is possible to calculate the date of ovulation with high probability – then you should buy a special .

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Fertilization can occur when the egg connects to the sperm. It is only possible a few days a month. Why? First, the ovum that escapes from the ovary during ovulation (ovulation) only lives 24 hours. In addition, the viability of sperm is also limited. They can “wait” for an egg only a few days.

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The fertile days appear in the middle of the cycle. This is true for every woman. The problem with averaging calculations is that women have different cycle lengths. Ovulation occurs on a different day if the cycle lasts 28 days, and on another day if it lasts 35 days. For this reason, every woman should study her body and record all the necessary dates.

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The first phase of the cycle, i.e. the phase of relative infertility, determines the days preceding ovulation. Its length is relative – it depends on the time in which the egg matures. In women who have a long cycle, this phase means infertility, in women menstruating often at the end of this phase fertile days may begin.

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The fertility phase is the ovulation phase. That’s when fertile days are going on. The phase lasts about 5-10 days. Despite the fact that the egg is alive 24 h, a safety margin should be taken (just 5-10 days) because women in the body can survive sperm from earlier relationships.

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The most important symptom of fertile days is specific mucus. The types of mucus that appear in different periods of the cycle should be recorded in the calendar, and after a few cycles it will be possible to precisely determine when fertile days are. During infertile days, mucus is sticky and cloudy, while the closer to fertile days, the mucus becomes more transparent. During the fertile days it is stretchy, creates threads, is slippery and resembles egg white, and besides it occurs in a much larger quantity than during the other days of the cycle. During ovulation, mucus is the most rare and transparent, and after ovulation it gradually becomes dense, sticky and cloudy again.

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In addition to observation of mucus from the vagina, daily temperature measurements should be made to determine fertile days. Observing the temperature is not easy and you should stick to November 2018 Calender With Holidays certain rules and take measurements regularly. The temperature should also be recorded in the calendar, because it can be used to determine when fertile days are present. In order for the measurements to be reliable, the temperature should be measured every morning, before getting out of bed and necessarily using the same thermometer on a daily basis.

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On the basis of observation of mucus, temperature and other parameters observed by a woman, the doctor determines the most favorable moment for fertilization and determines the possible treatment method, for example hormonal therapy, gynecological or surgical treatment. In many cases, it is enough to change November 2018 Calender Excel your lifestyle, apply a healthier diet, quit smoking, avoid alcohol, and increase physical activity, as well as to determine the time favorable for fertilization.


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Infertility treatment with the help of naprotechnology is effective for women who suffer from ovulation disorders, hormonal disorders, ovarian cysts or endometriosis. It is worth noting that naprotechnology allows only non-invasive surgical procedures and therapy with hormonal agents. In cases where greater interference is required, naprotechnology is not effective.

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Naprotechnology will not have a positive effect if the cause of infertility is genetic problems, damage to reproductive organs, anatomical defects on the part of a woman or a man and irreversible changes in reproductive tract caused for example by endometriosis.

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It is important, however, that naprotechnology is very effective when it comes to diagnosing fertility problems. In about 97 percent of cases the doctor, based on the patient’s observation and additional tests, may make a correct diagnosis.

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Many people think that naprotechnology can replace in vitro, but they are not actually methods that can be equated and used interchangeably. Naprotechnology is not helpful for couples who can not cure the causes of infertility, and therefore it is impossible to naturally get pregnant. The purpose of using naprotechnology methods can only be restoration of natural fertility and natural conception and should be treated more in the category of diagnosis than treatment, whereas in vitro it assumes support for conception.

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Fertilization can only happen within a few days of the menstrual cycle. Knowledge about the specific date of occurrence of fertile days is important for two reasons. First of all, it can help when trying to get pregnant. Secondly, the ovulation calendar is one of the natural methods of contraception. How to calculate fertile days? When exactly ovulation occurs?

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The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It counts from the first day of one menstrual period to the first day of the second menstruation. The ovulation calendar works best for women whose menstruation is regular. It is then November 2018 Calender Excel  quite easy to tell when fertile days are falling out. Things get complicated if for various reasons a woman does not menstruate regularly. Even then, it is possible to calculate the date of ovulation with high probability – then you should buy a special thermometer.

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Not so few, considering that at many radio stations no right enthusiasm for the new distribution path wants to pay. This is shown by the fact that the stations, which have been around for a while, do not spread cheers or start other skills. Echo and Alexa are the next big thing for some enthusiasts. The future belongs to the auditory web, nobody has to type in his concern any longer. Hear now November 2018 Calendar Word is the new vision and break for the audio providers thanks to the cloud and artificial intelligence to a golden age, in which they can use heaps of data to develop more personalized listener and promotional offers.

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That’s why many channels are struggling to come up with a clear strategy for Alexa, especially as this way further audio competitors are pushing into the market and with Amazon, a new gatekeeper occurs. For Steffen Müller, managing partner of Radio 21 and Rockland Radio, language assistants like Alexa are therefore a dubious thing. November 2018 Calendar Word Printable November 2018 Calendar Word


On the one hand, they simplify the technical handling of offer platforms and make it easier for the listeners to play the appropriate streams for them. On the other hand, they also have a disruptive effect: “Alexa or Siri are the entry-level portal, which means they.

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the have everything at their earliest and they can arrange which platforms our broadcasters will listen to.” And should the charming language assistants one day have a much higher market penetration than today, then Amazon or Apple would use the Audiostreams over he lets their platforms pay, Müller fears.

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Anyone who succumbs as a sender to the lure of the simplification by the language assistants runs the risk of losing the direct connection to the listener, Müller fears. However, in the digital age it is more important than ever: “The future of radio is in big data.” Müller’s strategy is therefore clear.

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he wants to keep his sovereignty over the data of his offers as completely as possible and goes to Amazon Alexa at a distance, because he understands the service as a competitor for the favor of users. Rockland Radio: own app and sovereignty over the data But many radio managers are not ready yet. Some may even mentally lag behind the analogue FM world, where frequencies were scarce and the competition manageable.

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The listeners of Radio 21 and Rockland Radio should not even get the idea to use the programs via a language assistant. That’s why Müllers stations in the Alexa app also have no own skills. They  November 2018 Calendar Word can still be found for Echo users anyway. Who asks Alexa to open Radio 21 or Rockland Radio, for the US aggregator TuneIn plays the streams. You can also use them via other aggregators such as or radio player, if you have their skills activated. But Müller’s goal is quite another: “We want to win the listeners for our app.

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One can and wants to discuss only limited with the intern. You might have to seriously admonish or even admonish a co-worker with whom you are friends and on weekends de still celebrated the baptism of her child. This is about finding out the personal best mix between authenticity (who you are) and role (which is expected) and accepting that certain contradictions will always remain. November 2018 Calendar Pdf  Need advice but have less and less guidebooks At the level of department heads is the internal competition often considerable. In fact, every editorial and budget session is a struggle for distribution, and not everyone succeeds in seeing it as a sporting contest without personal animosity.

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The higher up, the fewer are in a comparable position – and thus the number of people who really understand you is decreasing. In addition, one must not talk about many topics with others who are also competitors. Therefore, some executives feel surprisingly lonely when it comes to professional and personal exchange.

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Often, substitute advice from spouses or friends who are unfamiliar with position and industry is often a problem. Some embarrassing conference contributions begin with the words: “Well, my wife said …” More profound counselors are often former study friends or volunteer colleagues who have also made a career, albeit perhaps in a different industry.

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Many challenges are cross-industry. A good executive seeks early expert, equal discussion partners. All these questions are manageable and not necessarily bad, but require the departure of some childish ideas. A boss is not someone who “says what is done” – rather someone who paves the way between many contradictory constraints.

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The solutions are rarely liberation strikes, rather painstakingly worked out compromises between the extremes. At the same time, this makes the job as a leader exciting and interesting: if you want, you can actually do your job quite often yourself. About the author: Attila Albert (45) accompanied with his company Media Dynamics for several years media professionals in the professional and personal reorientation.

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Albert started working as a journalist himself at the age of 17. Initially at the “Freie Presse” in Chemnitz, one of the largest German regional newspapers, later a total of 23 years with Axel Springer, among other things as head of text and special assignments at the “Bild” Federal Edition, then as an author at the Ringier AG in Zurich. As a part-time, he has trained as a coach in the US and previously completed a three-year web developer studies.

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When the US Internet giant Amazon launched its voice box called Echo together with its language assistant Alexa in the fall of 2016 in Germany at the start, jumped the domestic audio world quickly on. Already in January 2017, their aggregator named Radio Player started with a skill, a kind of voice app, in the Alexa app (“kress pro” 4/17). Almost at the same time, individual stations such as Antenne Bayern or November 2018 Calendar Pdf   Radio Gong 96.3 ventured with their own skills on the new platform. Meanwhile Alexa is in the Music & Audio category at Alexa for the 70 voice apps of German FM programs.

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In any case, it was not advertised very extensively. A typical summer-hole theme is that European citizens are allowed to express their opinions. retention everything is well and uniformly regulated. As long as the earth is something similar to a sphere and turns around itself – like the sun October 2018 Calendar USA – becomes there are day and night and time zones. Inadequacies. From the perspective of man. He (still) has to accept, like a jet lag while traveling. Without time change, however, Europe would be spared at least one jet lag per year. Christiane player zwche be careful from the first grape. The berries land gently in the red basket.

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It does not take long for the deputy winemaker to fill the container to the brim. Actually, no unusual picture at the State Winery Schloss Wackerbarth. Season after season, the grapes are read by hand here. Nevertheless, this year is somehow different. A glance at the calendar makes vintage so special.


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It started on the 6th of August – more timely than ever. The first grape varieties, such as Solaris, are already ripe. “If we do not harvest now, the acid builds up in the grapes,” says Christiane Spieler. More sugar would also mean more alcohol in the wine you do not want. “In addition, the grapes would now lose water and shrink,” explains the wine expert, why the harvest can no longer be maintained.

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Responsible for the extremely early maturity are the special weather conditions this year. It was not even the heat of the last few weeks decisive, says vineyard manager Till Neumeister. “We had a maturity advantage of three weeks already in spring.” At the beginning of April, the buds of the wine open and the flowers begin to grow.

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At exactly this time, Saxony was one of the warmest and sunniest regions in Germany with over 250 hours of sunshine. This had an effect on the wine buds, which developed particularly fast, says Neumeister. Because it remained very warm after April, the wine already flourished in late May, and thus about three weeks earlier than usual. The vines have been able to keep this advantage for the warm and sunny summer until now.

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Experience shows that many are interested in when their health and habits are affected. Lack of sleep on the one hand, lack of light on the other hand, and the well-known jet lag feelings, all this is of course an issue and should be taken seriously. However, one should not pretend that either with the abolition of summer time or with their.

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Compared to the grain, however, the vines are relatively undemanding, even as far as the little rain, says the wine-growing director.Doch in the extreme drought of recent weeks, even the winemakers had to help. In the steep slopes, for example at the Golden Carriage, and in the Junganlagen,October 2018 Calendar USA where the vines do not have deep roots, was irrigated additionally. In the early morning hours, between five and seven o’clock, the wine regularly got a shower from the tanker. In addition, the leaves of the wine had to be intensively maintained, says Neumeister.

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However, then the one should not be able to refer to social benefits, which here is the question of how much brings the people who want to come from poorer countries to us. Paper in many respects still spongyNeither is it yet, how long the period for the job search may. And these are just two of the unanswered questions, because as it is in the nature of key points: in the end, it depends on the details and the actual execution. For example, it will be interesting to see whether the instrument to suspend the priority review October 2018 Calendar With Holidays  as the paper provides, is actually put into practice. Because this is not mandatory and is usually in the hands of the countries. And then of course there’s the question of lane change, which has been much debated in the past few days, so whether someone has been denied their asylum application or has a tolerance, but has a job and is well integrated.

October 2018 Calendar With Holidays

then from asylum seekers to immigrants in the sense of immigration law. The Eckpunkte paper Seehofers remains spongy. It merely means contributing to meeting the needs of the future labor market, including the potential of those with a refugee background who are likely to be employed to benefit from the labor market. This offers scope for interpretation. This suggests that the upcoming legislative process is unlikely to be completely free of conflict.

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Katharina Hamberger, Hauptstadtstudio (Deutschlandradio – Bettina Straub) Katharina Hamberger, born in 1985, studied media science, political science and journalism in Regensburg and Hamburg. During her studies she worked as a freelance journalist for the “taz” and the “Passauer Neue Presse”. She also gained journalistic experience at Bayerischer Rundfunk, the talk show “Anne Will” and the “Hamburger Abendblatt”.

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Since the end of her Deutschlandradio Volontariats 2012, she works as a freelance correspondent in the Hauptstadtstudio of Deutschlandradio. You can be annoyed about a lot of what nature has set up. With the now legendary slogan “Away with the Alps, a clear view of the Mediterranean”, Swiss punks in the eighties campaigned ironically for more vision. The Alps are beautiful, but they are in the way.

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Some human hubris can be seen in the protest against the daily sunset. What a waste of energy! If the sun were always shining, we would not need so much electricity. The human fight against nature is necessary and useful in some places! Sometimes it seems ridiculous.Greater time differences within EuropeBerlin and Brussels are in the same time zone. However, the differences in sunrise and sunset amount to up to three quarters of an hour.

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Without time change. It’s already dark in Berlin at four o’clock in the afternoon, but in Brussels it’s still pitch dark at eight in the morning. In the far north of Europe, some enjoy “white nights”, the others are annoyed by sleep disorders because they still have to work, with or without time change. Anyone who gets even more sunshine in central Europe in the evenings is only happy if he does not have to fall asleep because of the obligation.

October 2018 Calendar With Holidays Excel October 2018 Calendar With Holidays Blank

In the south, it is dark even in midsummer at nine o’clock in the evening. For sure in the winter reliable at seven bright. Some need blackout curtains to protect themselves from the sun. The other artificial light, to get no depression. Huge differences within Europe, where even the time change does not change. And you can not always reconcile your personal preferences with your own place of residence. From Finland to Portugal, from Lithuania to France to make it all right for a nonsense. October 2018 Calendar With Holidays  The energy-saving argument disappears on these feel-good (or just stress) factors is largely reduced the question of summer time, since the energy saving argument more or less deleted. It is a niche hema, a summer topic, maybe that’s why the online

October 2018 Calendar Pdf

October 2018 Calendar Pdf

The revision of the Pegaso fares for public transport in Tuscany will arrive in October. The remodeling is part of the corrections announced by the Tuscan councilor to transport Vincenzo ceccarelli to the introduction of the regional tariff community, which came into force on the first of July.The objective of the review, October 2018 Calendar Pdf explains a note, is to give fairness to a system that saw around 300 different rates in force in Tuscany. With the corrections introduced, for example

October 2018 Calendar Pdf

The extra-urban Pegaso monthly subscription integrated with the urban area of ​​Florence, provides for an average reduction of the cost, in the first ten kilometers, of 8.5% compared to the rates introduced on July 1, and an average adjustment of the tariffs, compared to the situation before the tariff community, of just under 2%.

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The annual extra-urban Pegasus subscription integrated with the urban area of ​​Florence, on the other hand, provides for an average reduction of the cost, in the first ten kilometer bands, by 7.4% compared to the first of July, and an average adjustment compared to the situation preceding the tariff community of the 5%.

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For Ceccarelli, “what we are doing is really an unprecedented maneuver in Tuscany and also at the national level. We knew from the beginning that there would inevitably be necessary interventions to correct any distortions and make the new tariff system fairer. Today we also intervene on the Pegaso, as announced, or on the regional subscription that allows the maximum possible integration between extra-urban and urban tpl services, both on iron and on rubber “.

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Murder Trifone Ragone and Teresa Costanza, in October the first hearing of the appeal process”The first hearing of the appeal process concerning the murder of Trifone Ragone, 28-year-old military man from Adelfia, and his 20-year-old girlfriend Tereza Costanza, 20 years old from Sicily, killed on 17 March 2015 while they were in parking area of ​​the sports hall of Pordenone, in Friuli. For the crime, in the first degree, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with diurnal for two years Giosuè Ruotolo, ex-caporal major of the Army. The man, defended by the lawyers Roberto Rigoni Stern and Giuseppe Esposito, is currently held in the prison of Belluno where he is serving his sentence. ”

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On 12 October, the appeal trial against Giosuè Ruotolo, Somma Vesuviana’s 29-year-old militant, sentenced to life imprisonment on 8 November due to the double murder of Trifone Ragone and Teresa Costanza, will start in Udine on 12 October . The sentence handed down last November foresees two years of daytime isolation for the young Campanian, who is detained in the Belluno prison.

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The two boyfriends, 28 and he 30, were found dead on the evening of March 17, 2015 in the parking lot of the sports hall of Pordenone where Ragone had done the usual training October 2018 Calendar Pdf  The two were shot dead with a series of shots exploded point-blank by a gun – later found in the backdrop of the pond of the San Valentino Park

How to Reduce Weight

Start with aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise is not very demanding on the site (but if you are a particularly obese person, reduce the exercise such as running, your weight is too large to cause irreversible damage to the knee, you can swim from At the beginning How to Reduce Weight, even if you don’t swim, it’s a good exercise in the water.) And it works relatively fast, which boosts your confidence and develops the habit of exercising.

How to Reduce Weight

Healthy weight loss methods, how to lose weight healthily, how to lose weight is the healthiest. If you are sitting while riding, pull your legs up and down 5 cm from the ground and hang your soles. This can exercise the abdominal muscles. Keep up for a few stops. Standing and training the front side of the thigh. When you hold the inner ring of the car, the legs cross forward and backward, and the hind legs push forward fully. This is effective for training the front leg and thigh. Do not stop breathing during training, keep for 6 seconds, do 1 for each side

How to Reduce Weight How to Reduce Weight How to Reduce Weight

Exercise Healthy Weight Loss

1, Fixed exercise

3 to 5 fixed exercises a week is a good way to reduce body fat, lose weight, increase muscles, and energize. Running, 5 times a week, 45 minutes each time, 170 meters per minute, can reduce 10 pounds in 3 months; dancing, 6 times a week, 1 hour each time, can reduce 10 pounds in 4 months Swimming, 4 hours a week, can reduce 10 pounds in 4 months; cycling, 4 times a week, 1 hour each time, 15 kilometers per hour, can reduce 10 pounds in 5 months. If you haven’t done a regular workout before, start with less to prevent injury to your body. If the amount of exercise is too large, it will increase the amount of food, which will not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In addition, you can exercise on the way to work, “slimming exercise”

Exercise Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Healthy Weight Loss

If you are sitting while riding, pull your legs up and down 5 cm from the ground and hang your soles. This can exercise the abdominal muscles. Keep up for a few stops. Standing and training the front side of the thigh. When you hold the inner ring of the car, the legs cross forward and backward, and the hind legs push forward fully. This is effective for training the front leg and thigh. Do not stop breathing during training, keep it for 6 seconds, and do it one or three times. When the signal light is on, it is closed. Focus on the abdomen and tighten for 6 seconds. Feel the navel close to the back. Always pay attention to doing this every day.

2, strength training

Strength training can strengthen your muscles. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. Three 45-minute weight lifting exercises per week can reduce 10 pounds in 10 months. To avoid injury to the body, the coach should be asked to help choose the right weight and develop an appropriate exercise program. Stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain flexibility, weight and weight can be gradually increased.

3, reduce calorie intake combined with walking

Replacing Coca-Cola with soda can consume 150 kilocalories less per day. If you add a 5km walk for 45 minutes each time 5 times a week, you can lose 10 pounds in 3 months. If you reduce the amount of calories and maintain the above walk, you can lose 10 pounds in 7 weeks.

Diet healthy weight loss

1. Appetite control method

Resist appetite, only 70% of your previous constants per meal. After a week, your stomach will naturally shrink and your appetite will naturally drop. Most obese patients have a good appetite, so that medication can be used to reduce appetite.

2, eat less meals

The method of eating less and eating more is to divide the daily eating habits of three meals a day into more meals. When you feel hungry, the slower you eat, the better. This will reduce the accumulation of excess fat.

Diet healthy weight loss Diet healthy weight loss Diet healthy weight loss

3, fruit diet

Fruit weight loss method means that nothing is eaten except fruit, and only fruit is eaten all day until it is full. Of course, not all fruits are suitable for weight loss. The more effective weight-loss fruits are apples, kiwis, and raisins.

The principle of weight loss:

Eating fruit can cause weight loss in a short period of time, because eating only one thing can reduce our intake of food. Especially high-fiber fruit, we can make our metabolism faster, and weigh down.

Chinese medicine healthy weight loss

Chinese medicine ingredients to lose weight

1. Herbal medicine diet: We can lose weight by using traditional Chinese medicine with anti-obesity effect. This includes some diet pills and herbal oral medications. Nowadays, the most popular is to make oral tablets by extracting the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines, which greatly improves the absorption of the drugs, thereby reducing fat more quickly.

2, white vinegar diet: white vinegar contains amino acids can not only consume body fat, but also help promote the metabolism of sugar and protein. According to the survey, 15 ml to 20 ml of white vinegar per day can reduce 6 kg of fat in one month.

3, drinking tea diet: We all know that unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of obesity. Replacing carbonated drinks with tea not only reduces calorie intake, but also promotes body metabolism and fat breakdown more effectively.

Other ways of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine include acupuncture weight loss and meridian weight loss.

Chinese medicine healthy weight loss Chinese medicine healthy weight loss Chinese medicine healthy weight loss


1, acupuncture weight loss method: by stimulating meridian points can help you improve the function of the two systems: the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenal cortex, and cross-coupling – adrenal medulla. Therefore, not only the basic metabolism is accelerated, but also the fat metabolism is accelerated, thereby increasing the heat consumption of excess fat. Finally, it is possible to adjust, repair and improve the natural balance of the human body.

2, Meridian weight loss method: Chinese medicine has its own unique form in the meridian slimming, there is a body-shaped body and a kind of magnetite meridian method in the form of black plaster added magnets, there are also acupuncture points using the traditional Chinese medicine acupoint meridian “pushing abdomen” . By massaging specific acupoints, adjusting the meridians of specific areas, thereby regulating the functions of the five internal organs and the endocrine system to achieve How to Reduce Weight, through acupuncture can reduce hunger and help control diet.

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips – Simple Beauty Tips and Economy
If you are tired of beauty products and spend a lot of money, but hope is always good, homemade beauty tips will become your best ally.That is, thanks to this blog, you will find countless natural remedies to enhance your beauty. The biggest spending is very little money.

Homemade Beauty Tips

For beauty tips, hair, eyes, lips, body, hands and feet are prepared with cheap ingredients and, in addition, they express to meet any need and become your body who wants to pamper the use of products from nature The best ally of men and women. Discover the best homemade beauty tips for skin care, using natural ingredients for hands, feet, eyes, body and hair.

Homemade Beauty Tips Homemade Beauty Tips Homemade Beauty Tips
Homemade Beauty Tips They are great men and women who want women to have flawless skin using natural ingredients, cheap and easy to find. And more when combined with a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and drinking two liters of water a day and ingesting healthy tea like green tea, the ponytail or matcha, for example.

It is worth noting that, also, if you want to have flawless skin, you will also apply for a vital sunscreen before leaving your face and neck, every day. As long as you can avoid the appearance of burns, melanoma licks spots on the skin, and delays skin aging.

Are you already included in your life, these good habits? Dare to use the combination of beauty tips Found below your home, you can have your skin always dreams.

Tips for homemade yogurt and orange beauty to brighten skin
Original yogurt is not only a perfect health care, but also to enhance skin beauty. This is a fab ingredient. Home remedies. This is due to its rich in lactic acid, which is responsible for maintaining skin cleansing, no impurities e, and even, reducing dark spots.

Orange, at the same time, is a well-known citric acid containing high doses of vitamin C, a perfect substance to maintain a youthful complexion, eliminating acne and blackheads, and making an extra dose of light to the skin.


2 tablespoons pure yogurt



Cut the oranges in half and squeeze the juice of the original fruit juice of both healthy fruits.
When you have changed the homologous mask in both ingredients, it is applied to the skin clean and dry without covering the eyes and lips.
To be effective, you must have some action for 15 o 20 minutes.
After this time, the solution is removed with warm water, dry your face and apply moisturizing depending on your skin type.
You can use this natural mask once or twice a week if you want to have a perfect skin.

Use Lemon and Soda

Tips of homemade lemon and soda to eliminate the US beans
Homemade beauty tips can also quickly eliminate acne and acne skin without resorting to expensive beauty products or care.

Although there are many ingredients in the end of the granite, this time we will use sodium bicarbonate.

Why? It is a product rich in bactericidal and antibacterial properties. This will help you get rid of acne and blackheads quickly.

Use Lemon and Soda Use Lemon and Soda Use Lemon and Soda

Moreover, even if you combine it with lemon, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, which will make your skin clean, free of impurities, and bring youth and radiance.


One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

Half a lemon


Pour in the beaker of sodium bicarbonate and add some lemon juice to pieces.
When both ingredients become soft, extend the pimples solution until they are completely covered.
Remember that you have to perform this action after being cleaned and dry your face.
If the mixture of bicarbonate and lemon peel does not adhere well, you can keep laying on the gypsum.
So Dongfang can effectively eliminate acne, and you will soon leave for one hour to put it into practice every day.

Coriander Homemade Beauty

Tips Coriander homemade beauty removes skin problem
Do you love to remove stains from natural ingredients and economic skin? Then, you can use home beauty techniques to make coriander.

And in essence, this product stands out is very rich in vitamin C, can not miss the substance Beauty Tips Home care for the skin because:

Coriander Homemade Beauty Coriander Homemade Beauty Coriander Homemade Beauty

Promotes the production of collagen, responsible for smoothness and skin elasticity.
Attenuate stains.
Regenerate the skin.
Delaying aging is a powerful antioxidant.
Accelerate wound healing.

2 tablespoons fresh parsley

Half cup of water

Half a lemon


The parsley is washed with water to remove debris.
Water heating.
Let us sit for more than half an hour.
After 30 minutes, filter was prepared with a sieve to remove the parsley and become water.
Squeeze the lemon juice and then add the water just to prepare the coriander.
To do this, you can apply this natural solution and skin as if it were a regular facial tonic.
Remember, after you wash your face, you have to expand it. If you want to get it, it will be important that you use it twice a day. Skin problems disappears in the shortest amount of time.
You can apply for cotton pads with the help of you.

Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar

Tips for homemade beauty and strawberry sugar to remove dead skin
If you use homemade beauty tips to remove dead skin, you can drag dead cells once a week, fill the face, reduce stains, and provide extra power for soft skin.

Two fantastic ingredients that make homemade exfoliating are strawberries and sugar, both economical and ideal for skin care. Contains vitamin C and grainy textures to perfectly remove dead cells. Also allows care for all skin types!

Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar Homemade Beauty and Strawberry Sugar


2 strawberries

One tablespoon of white or brown sugar


Wash the strawberries with water, take the tail, flatten them with a fork and convert them into mud.
Mix the strawberry jam with white or brown sugar and promote the cleansing of the skin to create a homemade mask. Gently massage in the circle.
Massage on the face for a few seconds, after, remove this unilateral strawberry and sugar with warm water.
Dry your face with a towel and use your favorite moisturizer.
You can use this Homemade Beauty Tips exfoliation and nature once a week. If you have perfect skin is one of your goals. If you like homemade beauty tips, you can also use hair care, for example, a remedy for beer to lighten hair.