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According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), retail sales in the Republic of Croatia increased in May this year, both on a monthly and annual basis, Glas Slavonija writes. At the monthly level, total real retail sales in May increased by 4.8% in May compared to April 2018. December 2018 Calendar Australia “Looking at traffic by type of goods, then it is from the retail trade of food, beverages and tobacco products increased by 6.2%, and retail trade in non-food products increased by 2.5% .At the year-on-year level, in May 2018, compared to May 2017, real-time retail trade grew by 7, The retail trade turnover recorded annual growth of 6.0% in food, beverages and tobacco products, while retail trade in non-food products grew by 10.0% quotes from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) and add that when it comes to trade it should be noted that it is an activity characterized by competition, consolidation, concentration and international trade.

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December 2018 Calendar Australia

“The process of internationalization in trade began in 1996 and continued over the next few years.
This fact reveals the proportions that in turn reduces the number of insects and warns the world is on the good path to ecological armageddon, which will have a major impact on human society. Although the exact cause is still not clear, climate change is a potential cause. Insects make up two-thirds of total life on Earth, and if they disappear Earth is expected to have an ecological catastrophe.

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According to data collected during the survey, the number of insects decreased by 76 percent in the 27 observed years, while in the summer months it fell 82 percent. Researchers warn of the need to reduce adverse effects on insects such as the use of pesticides and the destruction of agricultural land. If the total insect biomass continues to fall at the same pace as it is today, around 6% a year, the situation will become even more alarming.

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The best example of a visible drop in insect is car windscreen, and most drivers have noticed that much less needs to be monitored in recent years to remove insects from them. In the Namib desert in southwestern Africa, which occupies an area of about 50,000 km2, sand can reach a burning temperature of 70 degrees.

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One of the creatures that survives there is a desert ant. In such a livelihood where the wind constantly blends sand grains, fragrant traces are useless, so the desert ants are oriented by the sun to find the way to the ancients. Since they live in very hot regions, they have long extremities and keep the hoof raised to prevent excessive warming of the body from the hot substrate.

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Although well-suited for desert conditions, species within the genus Cataglyphis can not stay longer than a few minutes on the hot Sahara sand as they search for food, most often dead insects, always need to know where they are anthrax to be able to return quickly. December 2018 Calendar Australia In this tense encounter, the innocent desert ant was defeated by the territory of Mravolovc and the mucus lava. What’s next happened in this brilliantly recorded video, or an insert from Planet Earth’s BBC series.

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