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this school teaches young people about goodness, tolerance, honesty, humanity, everything that they should keep in life through, and then learn those younger than themselves. This year, the 15th Summer School is attended by 150 young people from three countries, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina,  December 2018 Calendar Cute led by the great volunteers of the Osijek Red Cross, headed by Ivo Vrebac.And this year we continued with the programs that we have been doing in the past years, that is, old good and always current topics, and new, young people.


December 2018 Calendar Cute

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December 2018 Calendar Cute Free Excel

So now we have first aid workshops, realistic view of injury, Red Cross preventive program, disaster action, or youth education for field work as one of the organizational forms of youth in the HCK, there is a program of humanity education in which younger participants , and there are topics such as stereotypes of prejudice, tolerance, self-confidence, and other values ​​that teach us all how to be humans.

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The afternoon part of the program attracts all participants together, where we learn about communication and the media, about the CK movement and international humanitarian law, create creative things, have health workshops, and all this young people arrive and rest, entertain and socialize. Here, in our first days, we had a Roma concert of a Roma orchestra from Hungary, and by the end of the week, more precisely on Friday, we will go to the lake of Hawaii so everyone can relax and relax. Actually, every night we have a fun program, music, film and other points to make everyone’s stay fun and quality filled – says Vrebac. The summer school in Orahovica is just part of the brilliant and hard work of young Osijek Red Cross throughout the year.

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– The summer school is actually sugar at the end of the season and can even say the starting point for the next school year. The purpose of this school is to teach young people about the Red Cross and to include them in our program activities, but more importantly, it is important to teach them how to be good people, what values ​​are important in life, and how to include them helping to make the world better.


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It does not have to be through the Red Cross, it may be other organizations, but we are here to help them and guide them, and how to learn them better than when they learn young people, as it is with us – says Vrebac. Young people are also delighted with the Summer School, although they only spent four days. Teodora Berak (18) from Sombora enjoys in Orahovica and provided workshops.

December 2018 Calendar Cute Free December 2018 Calendar Cute Excel PDF


– This is my first Summer School and I have to say that I’m really delighted to be here. I learned a lot this new one, especially in our field unit workshop, which we do not have, and this is my new, great experience. I’ve got a lot of friends here and many here from Serbia come up with unnecessary prejudices, December 2018 Calendar Cute but this Summer School shows that we can all be equal, no difference, we all respect the most important thing – says Teodora. Dzenita Jozic (17) from Tuzla at the workshop is the first to help.

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