December 2018 Calendar Pdf

The forests in the south of Poland are full of mushrooms – the mushroom pickers report. This year, hot and humid, summer is the perfect time for them. And since the folk wisdom that “Saint Peter mushrooms sows” means that in Małopolska and Podhale we have been enjoying them for a month now! December 2018 Calendar Pdf We are leading in Europe when it comes to harvesting, because we have no limits on the amount of fungi from the forest like Germany.

December 2018 Calendar Pdf

Every day there can be only a kilo in a basket. Our western neighbors love them too, but I guess only Italians love mushrooms with unconditional love, just like Poles do. They eat them all year long. Fresh as long as you can, and when the season ends, the time of frozen mushrooms begins. There will be a lot of those in stores, and malicious people say that behind a large part of mushrooms in Italy there are Polish forests.

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Italians love porcini mushrooms, famous Italian funghi porcini, chanterelles and bay boletes, but they are also lucky that in their provinces, the most unique mushrooms in the world, ie truffles, grow in many provinces. They are famous for Piedmont Alba, but those from Tuscany and Umbria are also appreciated. The high demand for this rarity meant that in 2016, when truffles were less than usual, prices soared up and for a long time did not want to stop.

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Piedmontese white truffles reached 6000,000 euros per kilogram. At the auction in 2014, the unique one-kilogram specimen reached the price of 100,000 euros. The buyer was a millionaire from Hong Kong, of course, anonymously buying.

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Less wealthy are cheaper, summer truffles or the most ordinary boletus, chanterelle and bay boletes, what to do. With these in the kitchen, Italians are doing great and using mushrooms in all ways. From bruschetta with mushrooms, for which the Tuscan housewives are looking for lasagna. Here are five of the tastiest ideas for an Italian meal with mushrooms in the main role.

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It’s the simplest thing you can do with mushrooms. All you need is a pair of beautiful and healthy specimens to prepare a great snack. Sliced ​​boletus Italians put on a plate and garnish with green parsley (this is ubiquitous in Italian cuisine). Before serving, sprinkle grated grana padano or parmigianoreggiano, sprinkle with olive oil and season with sea salt. Not many, but the people of Italy know that sometimes less is more.

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Borowiki is also an excellent base for pasta sauce. And here is one difference between Italian and Polish cuisine. In Poland, mushrooms are stewed in sour cream for a long time. Italians fry the mushrooms very briefly in olive oil with a bit of garlic or shallots, so that they lose their taste and firmness as little as possible. December 2018 Calendar Pdf  Apparently for nothing, Polish stories about the fact that mushrooms are hard to digest. The dish is served with the addition of green parsley and cooked al dente with pasta, preferably freshly cut into long ribbons such as tagliatelle or papardelle.

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