December 2018 Calendar Singapore

After the filling of the festive wine bottle, a rich Aurea festival was announced, presented by Silvija Podoljak, director of Tourist Office of Požega Tourist Board and director of marketing of Aurea party, December 2018 Calendar Singapore and Damjan Pirović, artistic director of Aurea party.The 9th session of the City Council of the City of Vinkovci was held in the Grand City Hall, and on the agenda of 12 points was the proposal of the Conclusion on the acceptance of the contract for the procurement of separate waste collection tanks.

December 2018 Calendar Singapore


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Estimated value of procurement is 4.2 million kuna, of which the EU through the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund provides 85 percent of eligible costs and City of Vinkovci provides 15 percent- That is why we have convened the City Council and planned to hold it at the beginning of September, where we also announced a decision on communal order and keeping cattle, initiated by the Croatian Pensioners Party. As part of the

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procurement project of the tank, with very small means we will solve all the legal assumptions that have been placed before us. We will distribute the containers to the citizens in order to be able to separate the waste, and this time it is about the containers for green waste, as well as about the communal that is mixed – said Mayor Ivan Bosančić.A unique estimate of fire threats and a common fire protection plan for the town of Vinkovci and the Andrijaševci municipality was made, something more said Ante Jelić, commander of the Vinkovci Public Fire Department.

December 2018 Calendar Singapore

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– As we have covered the Andrijaševci municipality, which does not have its own DVD, we have concluded a deal on the territory of the Andrijaševci municipality – said Jelic. The Cultural Council of the City of Vinkovci was also constituted by Vladimir Andrić, Katica Šipić, Ph.D. Vlasta Markasović, Željko Takšić, Vedrana Lugić and Sanja Kalaica.

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By joining numerous special events, which will soon mark two important dates – the Day of the City of Slatina and the Day of Virovitica-Podravina County, the Society of Our Children on Friday, August 24th, starting at 7 pm organizing another this year for the third consecutive Festival young talented talents.In order to make their performances as successful as possible and to get as much appreciation as possible, small singers are intensively preparing for this festival, so more than twenty music workshops have been held in the premises of the Society of

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Our Children in Slatina during July and the previous part of August. At these music workshops, small performers, gathered in four groups, prepared a mentor’s guidance for their performances. December 2018 Calendar Singapore At this fun-music event this year, 18 performers will compete in the competition section, and three performers of preschool age will perform in the opening part at the beginning of the program. This week, we are conducting trials with the music crew of Pure Petition, which will accompany small singers at the closing ceremony. During the festival as well as in previous years, there will be organized a raffle with a trip to the fun park as the main prize.

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