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The day before, the pilgrims from Davao to Nova Kapela and Nova Gradiska arrived from the Parish of Stražemana and all went to Voćin in the morning. There were several hundred pilgrims in the column. Among the pilgrims there are those who have been walking for many decades to Our Lady Voćin, even before December 2018 Calendar Spanish the Homeland War, and after the war when the church was in ruins, and now after the restoration of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some go to pray for the health of their fellow men, some for work, and some even take an annual vacation not to miss a pilgrimage.

December 2018 Calendar Spanish

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The traditional retreat on Lehtat’s pilgrims is welcomed by hunters of hunting societies for all the preparation of small bake products and water. LD President Vepar from Kaptol Zvonko Svoboda also brought several cabbages of grapes and fruit from his vineyard. The pilgrims visited and supported by the mayor of the city, Darko Puljašić. The Prayer Parish Robert Mokri thanked hunters for welcome, acceptance and long-term good co-operation that is nurtured for many years. Arriving ahead of Voćin will be another holiday on Djedovic, and the arrival of the pilgrims in Voćin is expected after 13:00.

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There he will join the pilgrims from other directions and other parishes, and will attend the central celebration of the Heavenly Voivodal Mother and the Eucharistic Celebration which will be led by the Bishop of Pozega, Msgr. Antun Škvorcevic from 18.30. After the Mass, a procession will follow with the image of Our Lady of Voćine.


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At the end of the past, the restoration of the Petrijevci Municipality building, which is near the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle, is a delight for many locals. These days, the restoration of the outer shell of the building was completed, which, in addition to energy renewal, also had a whole new look. As emphasized in the Municipality of Petrijevci, it is a building that was built at the turn of the 19th century and from that time on, had many owners and different purposes:

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from the headquarters of the former forestry of Valpovo’s Vlastelinstva, residential buildings for the needs of Petrijevic teachers , until today when it is fully owned by the Municipality. After extensive and extensive preparations, works on decoration, reconstruction and reconstruction of the building began last year, and the completion of the interior fitting is expected soon, where the complete floor is now in function located in the LAG offices of Karašica and a modern multifunctional town hall where the Municipality of Petrijevci has been waiting impatiently since its establishment in 1993.


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Apart from the complete furnishing of the premises, the building itself is still under construction. Thanks to renovation, the municipal building now looks just as well in the December 2018 Calendar Spanish nighttime due to the new exterior lighting, which is also an integral part of renovation and decoration. The complete reconstruction and furnishing of the Petrijevci Municipality building was financed from the Municipality’s Budget and the support of the Osijek-Baranja County.

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