December 2018 Calendar Telugu

The famous Vukovarsian phrase “who does not have the Danube is well acquainted with the sea” has received specific confirmation these days, given that the lifestyle network portal Journal .hr included Vukovar ad, among the most beautiful beaches and hidden places along the lakes and rivers. This December 2018 Calendar Telugu news was also transmitted on the official Facebook page of Vukovar’s ade and thus invited those who have not visited this favorite Vukovar beach to do this this summer.

December 2018 Calendar Telugu

December 2018 Calendar Telugu Word PDF December 2018 Calendar Telugu


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In clarifying the decision it is stated that the pearls of the interior offer to the guests a range of content and their beauty does not cease to be delighted. They also say that in such places they also find camps, musicians, performers, fast food and ice cream, while barbecue places are set up at numerous points. – Vukovarska ada is a sandy island on the Danube, very popular for summer gatherings with many Vukovar and their guests .

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It is especially interesting because from the center of Vukovar to this beautiful place you can come by boat in just a few minutes and so experience a river adventure that instantly moods, relaxes and inspires. Here you can enjoy the shade, play volleyball, swim or simply enjoy the summer on the Danube – explains the Journal’s decision for Vukovar ad. This year’s bathing season officially began on the first day of July, but before that, just like the previous 13 years, 30 members of the Danube Fishing and Fishing Association worked very well for cleaning the island,

December 2018 Calendar Telugu Word Template December 2018 Calendar Telugu Free


preparing it for visitors who travel daily from the city center to the island. On working days, swimmers are carried out from 11 am to 8 pm and in the days of the week from 10 to 20 o’clock, but often and for a long time due to the large number of visitors. Since the beginning of summer did not favor bathers due to frequent rains, massive departures of the ad in search or refreshing records since the beginning of August.



Official figures say that there was a season with a total of 140,000 visitors, but this number is certainly bigger because they need to add those who go to the ad in their arrangement. Long-lasting high temperatures are also unpleasant for animals. Sunscreen, heat stroke, and eating problems can also be hit by the Veterinarian Stations and advise them to help pets.


December 2018 Calendar Telugu Excel December 2018 Calendar Telugu PrintableDecember 2018 Calendar Telugu Excel Printable December 2018 Calendar Telugu Template

It is most important to change water more often and avoid walking at maximum heat. As for dogs and cats, it is desirable to add vitaminization to the tablet because because of the high heat they are less eaten and need to be further stimulated – says Director Ante Strmotić and advises that December 2018 Calendar Telugu the tablet may be smeared in food or water if the animal does not want it or can not Take it to get your dose of vitamins that they miss for these summer months. It is certainly necessary to protect a dog or cat from fleas or ticks because if they are infected, their already high body temperature will rise to a dead end and death may occur.

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