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If your child is fed with modified milk, add water or tea to his diet. In stores you can buy, for example, dill tea, which is recommended for children after the first week of life.It is important that the daily portion of water / tea does not exceed a single portion of milk, which the child drinks during the day. For example: December 2018 Calendar Templates if a baby drinks 200 ml of milk once during the day, then you should not get more than 200 ml of water / tea throughout the day. Water or tea in smaller amounts (eg 20 ml) should be given to the child before food.

December 2018 Calendar Templates


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In 2017, changes in the 500 Plus program, announced by Minister Elżbieta Rafal, took place. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has prepared a draft that clarified the provisions and thus limited the collection of benefits for the first child by families, which are in fact unauthorized. What exactly did the changes concern and who felt them the most? How to get PLN 500 for the first child after these changes?


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So far, 500+ for the first child were entitled to families in which the monthly income per capita did not exceed PLN 800 or PLN 1200 in the case of families with a disabled child. In 2017, the income criterion did not change, but … the officials began to check more closely whether the service really was due.


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From 2017, the declaration of single parenting is no longer enough. Only those parents who apply to the court for alimony will be able to apply for the benefit. Three situations are to be exempted from this condition: death of one of the parents, undetermined paternity and dismissal of the alimony claim. This change is aimed at parents who live in cohabitation / informal relationships, and in the office they indicate that they are raising their child alone. According to the Ministry, this is the most frequently violated principle of the 500 Plus program.


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If the parent did not apply to the court for alimony, his application for 500 Plus will be automatically rejected.Officials also began to check the continuity of contracts for persons applying for 500+ for the first child. If it turns out that the employee’s contract has been terminated and then again signed with the same employer, but with a lower remuneration, such a parent will have the right to claim benefits only after three months. This is to prevent situations of deliberate reduction of remuneration in order to meet the income condition of the 500+ program.


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Entrepreneurs who settle on a lump sum or on the basis of a tax card, when applying for granting 500+ for the first child in advance only declared their income. The officials, however, could not check if it was in line with reality. After changes in 2017, a parent running a business will be required to disclose his December 2018 Calendar Templates  income. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy does not only check income, which is often understated by generating costs. Officials also focus on the company’s income.

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