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In a nutshell, the modification consists in the fact that the system resembles football leagues, in which one of the teams is always the host and the matches are played in continental groups and through promotion / fall seeks the world top league of 16 teams and fights there with the cup system, replaced one  December 2018 Calendar USA tournament, after the season, where 18 national teams emerge for a week from among the new champion. At the stage of elimination there were miserable remnants of what has been so far, for a large sum of money in the form of 20 million dollars and all the headlights were directed to the November finale.

December 2018 Calendar USA


The Cosmos company, owned by Barcelona player Gerard Pique, Chinese investors plus the American rich man Larry Ellison, owner of the tournament in Indian Wellls, are entities that guarantee financial support for a period of 25 years. Initially, it was about 3 billion dollars, but after joining the head of Oracle, it is much more. The other thing is whether they are real, because with the right guarantees initially there was a problem.

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It’s a mistake. Before using the drug without a prescription or supplement, you should always know their composition, use and the difference between the two categories to precisely adjust their action to the needs of the body. How to make the right choice among so many proposals?

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According to the report “Poles and dietary supplements”, 72% of Poles declare that they are reaching for dietary supplements, of which 48% admit that they accept them regularly. In turn, only 17% of people (from the group receiving such preparations) consult a doctor or pharmacist before starting supplementation.The above data show that the vast majority of people using such preparations commits one of the biggest mistakes – they make their choice without discerning the needs of their own body – the authors of the press release of one of the drugs evaluate.


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Supplements allow to supplement deficiencies of certain micronutrients (eg vitamins, iron, zinc or potassium) and should be used when the body actually “requires” additional support (eg people regularly practicing sports should usually take increased amounts of magnesium or collagen – the main building blocks).

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For this purpose, it is worth carrying out simple blood laboratory tests that will determine the actual values ​​of individual minerals and vitamins in the body and indicate the areas that require supplementation (if they exist).As with supplements, over-the-counter (OTC) medications should primarily be taken when really needed.

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In addition, you should understand the most important difference that applies to OTC supplements and medicines – both categories have completely different functions and should be used in other situations. Supplements supplement deficiencies of minerals and support the proper functioning of the body, while medicines, including those available without a prescription (as the name suggests) have a therapeutic effect and are responsible for fighting the symptoms or source of disease and other ailments and contain a suitably high, therapeutically effective dose of active substance .

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