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A great mushroom risotto makes an addition of sage and rosemary. These herbs abolish wonderful resin notes that are associated with the forest! It can not be concealed, however, that the king of mushroom risotto will always remain with truffles.Mushrooms are also a great addition to delicate potato December 2018 Calendar Word  dumplings. Here are a few ways to give this dish. They may be short-fried porcini mushrooms, just like pasta, but mushrooms stewed in cream or béchamel sauce will be great. The latter on the Italian table very often appear as a casserole. Of course with the addition of garlic and parsley!

December 2018 Calendar Word

Perliczka is one of the favorite types of poultry in Italy. It is baked but also stewed in red wine. This recipe comes from the mountain border between Veneto and Trentino, where there are plenty of mushrooms. That is why in the winter, when the temperatures are falling, a nutritious but heavy dish is prepared.


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When the guinea fowl is ready, the wine is poured in which she chokes and reduces it with the addition of butter, Italian raw sausage, similar to Polish white and a large amount of dried mushrooms. The sauce that is made is a symphony of flavors!


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Mushroom bisotto is another idea from the north of Italy for a mushroom dish. It is worth noting that it is best to water such a risotto with broth based on dried mushrooms, because its taste will be distinct and strong. Risotto bases are often porcini mushrooms, which fry for a while with shallots (ordinary onion is considered too strong addition to mushrooms) and later suffocates with rice, watering with white wine and broth.


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The only item in the Italian menu, where there are no mushrooms, are desserts, but what can not you have everything. For those interested in mushrooming, I suggest that the second folk wisdom says that the most mushrooms grow with the full moon. So check out the calendars and the forest!


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More than 71 percent of eligible voters voted for the reform. On the ITF and Davis Cup sites, you can read about the historic win and the great personal success of President David Haggerty. In the international tennis environment meanwhile, the situation is like after a grenade explosion in a cesspool. Mutual accusations, activists and federations are falling into each other’s eyes, more and more suspicions of copying the scandalous methods, known from sports bodies such as the IOC or FIFA. There is no agreement among tennis players.



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Some write obituaries and shout about the killing of 118-year-old games, others are quite happy or play with diplomats. Roger Federer, who won the trophy four years ago, then he did not want to play in the Swiss national team, today he is worried about the disappearance of the old cup. As she loves innovation, she says she will look at how it will develop further. “ITF has never listened to players before, always December 2018 Calendar Word  talked with activists of national federations, I hope that from the river of money they will pay out every penny, and the money will actually go to the young.

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