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How well do you know the company in order to be able to assess such issues at all? You live in Munich, Schneekoppe is located in Buchholz, a suburb of Hamburg.I know all the staff at Schneekoppe and Sixtus.And how often are you really there? February 2019 Calendar Canada Almost never. At least at Schneekoppe. At Sixtus, it’s easy to meet with all the decision makers on a weekly basis. Here we regularly discuss the tasks and where to go.

February 2019 Calendar Canada



At Schneekoppe I do a lot of things by phone and by video conference. They have changed a lot in both companies, are in the process of establishing a new leadership culture, have greatly reduced the range. Surely you did not like all that, did you? “That’s part of it. Have you already taken decisions against the advice of your experts? Let’s put it this way: I have a clear opinion, but I have discussed it before.

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In the company as in football matters ultimately the result. It does not look so good on Sixtus and Schneekoppe. What has actually happened since you arrived? Together with my company, we are developing a portfolio that corresponds to my idea of ​​healthy nutrition and care. Our interest is not to rebuild the balance sheet within a very short time, but to successfully develop the two companies in the medium term.


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And this means in numbers? We have taken almost 50 products from the range at Schneekoppe this year, of course, the sales effect is negative but we also counteracted on the cost side accordingly, so that the result does not go along with this negative effect. We are convinced that this is the right way to make Schneekoppe stronger again as a brand that stands for healthy nutrition.


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And we are sure The sales meanwhile lie with clearly less than ten million euro, in the past years ever more strongly decreased. How long do you want to tolerate such bad numbers? If I know that the company, the brand, is going in the right direction, then I have patience.And fancy putting in the money as well? The financial risk is reasonable for me.


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We have laid the right structures with the team, and I am convinced of a positive development. We are well positioned and successful in the next five years. Do you notice a lame effect? As the popularity of your brands has increased, the products have become better known, there is definitely a lame effect, but it remains hard work, and I would have expected a positive development faster.

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There is still a brand next to the two major pillars Sixtus and Schneekoppe that would fit well with you and where you can expect engagement in the future? Actually I February 2019 Calendar Canada have enough work. Sure, there are many requests, we listen to a lot. The task now is to lead these two long-established companies into a modern world and to attract more young people as customers. No return to FC Bayern – who is also a medium-sized company?

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