February 2019 Calendar Cute

Alex: Where does the traffic for your online shops come from? Niklas: The traffic is very strong on Inst agram.Alex: About your own accounts? Niklas: Exactly, in addition February 2019 Calendar Cute to the influencer cooperations and the social traffic that we stop. Of course, we also do classic performance marketing in the area of ​​Facebook or Instagram, and what has also developed great in both brands is this whole B2C press, that is Clippings in the Jolie or the Elle or in the parents,


February 2019 Calendar Cute


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then in the Alexa: And do you also get any idea that the influencer themes on Instagram are getting more and more expensive? Niklas: Definitely! In 2016 the CPMs were still so, so low, because on Instagram many girls at the age of 18 or 19 years were traveling with just 100,000 followers who had their room at home and their pocket money was never enough. They then built up traffic on Instagram and suddenly realized: “Whoa, I’ll get a calendar for free!”.

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Meanwhile, this whole market has become so professional – I do not know if you know it: I am a founding member of the Federal Association for Influencer Marketing, and from the time when there is a federal association … I beg you, right now you have to get out! What is the Federal Association doing? No, these are not capitalist interests. Of course not. We discuss topics such as the labeling of postings. Okay, but let’s stay with you first.

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So, you say: “The free desk pad is no longer enough to convince the girl.” That says the girl, but above all not only her, but her management. The management? With 100,000 followers you have a management? (And not only that: there are now entire agencies that do nothing but conceive and implement campaigns.) Two years ago – “when it was all cool,” said Alex Today it all depends heavily on how the influencer has positioned himself in the brand confusion.This is why one must make the cooperation more profound, says Niklas.)

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We are quasi in the category of questions “Where from are the customers coming? “. You will probably continue to operate your own accounts, but of course they are limited in their use as corporate accounts, so you are always dependent on external influencers, and they are becoming more and more expensive. Does that mean you switch to Facebook Advertising, Retargeting & Co? Exactly, then the budget shifts and the advertising becomes more classic.


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But it also plays a role that we have noticed that many people from other target groups find the brands great. For example, if our 16-year-old customer somehow draws her mother’s attention to the recipe box or not, then the 40-year-old will get to know us, but not via Instagram. And that’s why you have to think about how to approach these groups and February 2019 Calendar Cute what touchpoints you can use. Okay, but that definitely works in your model anyway. Niklas: Yes, we have recently massively expanded and expanded our distribution policy because older customers in particular say they would not find us anywhere.

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