February 2019 Calendar Marathi

n addition to unlimited calendar subscriptions (Week Calendar provides, inter alia, school holidays, sporting event and religion calendars) the subscription cancels the so-called view restrictions. In other words, who pays, can change the views list, day, week, month February 2019 Calendar Marathi , mini-month and Co. not only at the current date, but also for any other date. Personally, we have been relying on the one-time purchase Calendars 5 years the app smith Readdle and are very satisfied.

February 2019 Calendar Marathi

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Dream start for Sebastian Vettel in the crucial phase of the Formula 1 World Championship: At the Belgian Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver drove an unchallenged victory. Lewis Hamilton is second in the Mercedes ahead of Max Verstappen and loses seven points of his lead in the title duel. The is at pending eight races only 17 points. Has Vettel stopped the run of the champion?

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After the 52nd win of his career, the Heppenheimer not thinks of his eleven-second lead or the World Cup stand, but to the history books: “I now have a victory more than Alain Prost, right? ” Right. Vettel is now the number three of the eternal leaderboard. With the best of spirits he tunes in the cockpit an Italian ditty, his eyes finally flash again. “You’re a hammer”, rejoices Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene to the day’s winner, who also sings the German anthem.

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The first drama of the day has nothing to do with the top, but with the end – in the double sense. Nico Hülkenberg, who had to start from behind because of a renewed engine change on his Renault, comes with plenty of thrust on the hairpin and bangs full into the rear of Fernando Alonso. Its McLaren is raised and flies across the clean of Charles Leclerc – a test of the cockpit Halo.

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A spectacular crash, but nothing happens. As a result, the races of Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen are destroyed. Alonso sarcastically: “Hulkenberg should think about it the next time, if he does not brake before the first corner. It was a huge mistake of his. “Sebastian Vettel shows how to work perfectly behind the wheel. As with his victory at Silverstone, he starts from second place alongside championship leader Lewis Hamilton.


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And knows that there is only one tactic for him: “We definitely have to pass somehow. I think we have the pace. “The previous year had gone awry. This time it works better, much better. Vettel comes off well, in the hairpin he is already at the same height, downhill gets his Ferrari so much momentum and battery power that it reaches Eau February 2019 Calendar Marathi Rouge up to overtake Hamilton out of the slipstream and to sit at the top – fractions before Because of the starting crash, the safety car has to move out. “It was a super start, Lewis pushed me far to the left. But I knew my chance would come, “says Vettel about the crucial scene of the race,” then I came out clean. Last year was not enough, this time I did better. After that, I was able to control the race.

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