February 2019 Calendar Printable

The transcription is sponsored by the leading loyalty provider PAYBACK – learn more here and download App.Social Commerce and Instagram with Niklas Heinen of 100 thousand LuxOdernichto is still a heart project of Niklas Heinen and his wife Joana, the February 2019 Calendar Printable blogger and photographer the impetus for the online store gave. In this podcast accompanies de CEO of the 100,000Lux group Alex driving in an old S-Class that serves as a kick-off for the new point-of-sale karaoke campaign.

February 2019 Calendar Printable


At the end of the ride Alex not only has answers to the three big W-questions of e-commerce in his pocket – where does the customer come from, how much does he earn and how long does he stay? – but also postcards, notepads, and tips on how to get down from the war footing he’s standing on with his Instagram account.

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“You have to stand behind what you sell” 02:40 Alex: Now most kassenzone.de listeners probably do not know the blog or the 100 thousand lux group. With or without, everything has started. What was that? Niklas: Odernichtodochoch started as an online diary or blog, at that time still about bloggers. There, Joana shared her thoughts, ideas and feelings with herself and then prepared them as an online diary.


February 2019 Calendar Printable Blank TemplateFebruary 2019 Calendar Printable Blank Template February 2019 Calendar Printable Template

More and more people became aware of this and in 2015 we started designing the first products. The first was a paper desk pad. Today, or maybe not, it is a brand that offers many great products, especially for girls and women who want to give themselves or others something. Our product portfolio now includes about 400 products and focuses primarily on paper products, but also products with content.


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.Alex: Where do you let produce? Niklas: As for the paper products, we have now a fairly large network of German producers, directly on the spot – we come from Münster – in Münsterland or in NRW. We are now buying paper in larger quantities. And in terms of lifestyle products, you have to say that a lot of stuff comes from Asia.


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Alex: How many readers did the blog have back then, when you decided to make it a social story? Niklas: We had at times around 30,000 to 40,000 readers who have read Joana’s articles regularly. For example, they talked about tips for long hair, hairstyles, fashion, the days of days, long-distance relationships … Alex: With that you could generate so much traffic in 2015.


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And the claim from or non-er, however, is: Of us for you with a lot of heart. (With these words, Niklas conjures up a box for Alex, which is filled to the brim with stationery products such as a series of postcards which put together the word “SUPERGRAF “Give – the name under which Alex has an Instagram account, but more on that later.) 05: 20Alex: Do you February 2019 Calendar Printable make all your products yourself or are they the commercial products? Niklas: No, we have our own design teams around Joana, the Design products yourself. These are now calendars, coloring books, friendship books, but also lifestyle products such as blankets and recently we also launched Hoodies

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