February 2019 Calendar Singapore

myTube allows you to enjoy watching YouTube videos with additional features. Videos are played without ads and if necessary you can download them to February 2019 Calendar Singapore avoid consuming too much data on longer train journeys. For music lovers, it’s especially worth mentioning that the sound of videos will continue to play when the app is minimized or the phone is locked. myTube even goes so far as to be able to preload exclusively the sound of videos.

February 2019 Calendar Singapore


Functions of Windows are also used wisely. This makes it possible to quickly send videos from a smartphone to the PC where myTube must also be installed. By the way, you can also watch the videos in a mini player, which always stays in the foreground. Timeline integration is added to the list as part of the last update. Other functions are regularly submitted via an update and errors are rectified quickly.

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Every Windows 10 Mobile user who likes to watch videos on YouTube should visit myTube! definitely look at.Instant messengers are nowadays on any smartphone, such as the phone app or the camera features. The fast and free exchange of information with family and friends has become indispensable.

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There are a number of different messengers, one of which is Telegram. Inigram is an unofficial client for Telegram based on TDLib. Although the functionality is incomplete, it is still an everyday app, because all the necessary functions are supported: Messages and media are stored on the device (cache, also in the Telegram Cloud) .Friendly created Sticker.Photos and videos can ( uncompressed). For videos, the quality can be adjusted.

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Private chats that are not stored in the Telegram Cloud. In these messages and pictures can be provided with a self-destruct timer. Screenshots are blocked for extra privacy. Large, public groups of up to 20,000 members. In public groups, your own phone number is suppressed. Old messages or media can be found using the search or the media gallery. Multiple sessions on different devices. This allows you to use Unigram / Telegram on the PC without the smartphone having to be connected to the Internet.


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The smartphone serves as a practical tool to organize everyday life. It’s always on and handy so you’ll never forget anything with the right apps. 2Day is a to-do list app. This is only available for the Windows platform, which means that when switching to Android or iOS for an alternative ausschau must be kept. The app is large stocked. Tasks created can be set to a due, start or reminder date. Notes can be added, tasks sorted by priority, and subdivided into keywords.

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Subtasks are also supported for larger projects, with a progress bar in percentage values. The tasks created are synchronized across devices using the 2Day cloud. Although Outlook tasks are supported, they are much more February 2019 Calendar Singapore limited in their possibilities. Reddit is probably one of the most popular services on the Internet. Users can discuss their interests in various English-language forums. This includes, of course, Windows Phone or Windows 10. The presented app is characterized by a very good performance and menu guidance.

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