February 2019 Calendar South Africa

Alex: The last question in the discussion of the trading model is always: How do I have to imagine your shopping cart? Since you produce things yourself, everyone can guess what the margin is, but what is the size of the basket we talk about? February 2019 Calendar South Africa We’re at just under $ 40 per cart. But if you already have this production capacity – you know how to run an online store, know how to do marketing, now you start with Emarsys – is not that the point at which you, as a business, get out of the Influencer area has emerged, could say:

February 2019 Calendar South Africa



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“Come on, we are turning the business model now away from the trade”? Sure, that would be an option, of course, but we see our mission first and foremost in our claim “From us for you with a lot of heart”. That means to make incredibly strong products that are just great and feel good, because in the product so much love, charm, inventiveness and attention to detail is in it.


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Therefore, we will clearly expand the product range and bring the products now also on other distribution channels to the man or the woman. Alex: Okay, that’s one. Are there any other distribution options that you perceive, such as distribution abroad? Does this even work with a brand that is so strongly influenced by the target group?

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Niklas: Just because of the brand name, or rather, it is more of a regional design – apart from Germany, we are also very well represented in Austria and Switzerland. Especially Austria is really not negligible for us. And that’s enough for us. After all, our goal is also to make people feel the same way they think about Ikea when it comes to furniture and furnishing when it comes to gifts that bring a smile to someone’s face.


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With regard to Jo & Judy, however, internationalization is conceivable and quite clear want. Do you have other things in mind for 2018, 2019? Do you want to increase your number of employees, for example? In the meantime, I have also learned that it is not the number of employees as a key indicator by which everything should be geared to, and sales are not the Holy Grail for me, either. Joana and I have a very classic matrix organization with the brands on one side and central functions like logistics, administration and staff on the other side.

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So of course it’s close to identifying more fields that can be implemented on the brand side. And now I know what we’re doing really well, and now we can clearly think about what comes after that and what feels really authentic. Because I also learned that: It is February 2019 Calendar South Africa very important that you have a good feeling about the products and that you have to stand behind what you sell. Okay, very cool. And you said I can do a bit better with Instagram influencer marketing than it already does.

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