February 2019 Calendar Templates

Niklas: At the time, because there you were just standing At this juncture: Instagram came on very gradually and all the classic bloggers have left their WordPress blogs and focused on Instagram content. At this point, we also asked ourselves if Joana really wants February 2019 Calendar Templates to be constantly invited to PR events. She rather appreciates her calm and wants to create content. And that’s why we started with the products and coupled the WordPress blog with a woo-commerce-shop.


February 2019 Calendar Templates


February 2019 Calendar Templates Blank February 2019 Calendar Templates Excel


Alex: Yes, you often hear that. So you were not yet a Spryker candidate? Niklas: No, not yet. I also remember the beginnings well. At that time, we had ordered these desk pads in an online printing company, but of course we did not even think about how we would pack and ship them. Then it was also a special format, for which there were no real shipping bags, so we went to the hardware store and got cardboard rolls, which we then brought by hand to the post office.

February 2019 Calendar Templates Excel PDF February 2019 Calendar Templates PDF


At that time Joana was – and still is – an influencer and in the beginning a lot of things just happened through cooperations with other influencers. 10: 25Alex: And where are you today? You are more than a couple sending desks. Niklas: In the meantime, we have set up two social commerce brands. In addition to that, there is another, Jo & Judy, which is a bit more anonymous and mature, and we have two brand companies and our own logistics company because from the beginning we understood that packaging is a really important element in the value chain is.

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Today, we employ about 70 people in the group.Alex: So you’re quite a big number in e-commerce in Münster, right? Niklas: Yeah, well, we always fly a bit under the radar, but especially in the Peaks, as in the Christmas business, may be true. In the Q4 of last year, we had so u m the 120 factory students who worked in shifts, and this year we will reach an eight-digit sales dimension.


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Alex: Okay. Then let’s get to the classic checkout zone questions. Niklas: Exactly, that’s very important for us, because we both really understand as brand worlds.Alex: Is 100 thousand lux also a shop? Niklas: No, 100 thousand lux is ultimately the B2B company group around February 2019 Calendar Templates it. The own shops can be found at odernichtoderdoch.de and joandjudy.com – Jo & Judy is the other brand – and each have their own Instagram Accounts.


February 2019 Calendar Templates Blank February 2019 Calendar Templates Free Blank

Alex: So you’re almost right professional influencers.Niklas: Well, just because that our breeding ground was, in any case, we have already gained some experience in the field, but there are also many things that I do not even know. (In a brief excursus explains Niklas at this point, where the name “100TausendLux As a photographer Joana coined a very girly, light-filled style of painting, and when they started building content for start-ups and other companies, her name had to be different from “Joana’s light poetry.” But they remained true to the subject of light: ” 100 thousand lux “is as bright as a bright sunny day, says Niklas.)

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