February 2019 Calendar Word

DJunges luck in the shadow of an old chapel: Constanze Wagner and Christopher Kessner walked in the “convert drunkard” as lovers in the February 2019 Calendar Word footsteps of Christoph Willibald Gluck. D © Photo: HvWhen Klaus Meile, as a completely crazy, ostensibly Italian impresario and director, co-stars his ensemble, including professional singers Gertrud Demmler-Schwab and Constanze Wagner (soprano),

February 2019 Calendar Word

February 2019 Calendar Word Cute February 2019 Calendar Word Template

Christopher Kessner and Josef Niklaus (Tenor) as well as Robert Eller (baritone) have mixed, no eye remains dry and even the sky cries tears of laughter for a while. This and the noticeable cooling make sure that the four and a half hours of walking over hill and dale around Berching for the guests of the humorous open-air opera not torture werden.

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So you can experience in the farm, two chapels and last but not least in the cool forest a dilapidated farmer (Niklaus) wants to sell his niece Marie (Wagner) to a drinking buddy (Eller). His bill, however, he has made without his extremely resolute wife (Demmler-Schwab), which ensures that the young girl gets his dream man (Kessner). Laughing makes above all the “Devil Tribunal”, in which the three conspirators dress up against the drunken conspiracy as a devil and heat up the two drunkards – death experience and lumbago inclusive.

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The redeeming happy ending in front of the Aloisius chapel it takes about six Walking distance and four and a half hours including goulash and white wine break. That time flies by is due to the pace and the subtle irony of the production, which again and again creates a sense of humor with references to the here and now. The farmer’s wife is sitting there under the drying hood and gets her hair done by Marie. In the process, the intrigue is forged which is meant to drive out the drunken ideas of the drunken farmer and his buddy. Lost in thought Marie reaches for the shaving brush and soaks her partner –

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the laughter of the audience could not be frenzied.Legendäre WutredeKlaus Meile’s modification of the legendary Trapattoni-anger speech also strained the laughing muscles, if one hears them with a year distance again: “Ellerrrr, what permissible? “, asks the oblique” director “with audible grim whether the alleged text weaknesses of his actor. In the end, he transforms into the skillful choir conductor he is in real life (among other things) – and makes people sing.

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