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He emphasized that, despite Lithuania’s support for the Western Balkans, there are other states that must be subject to the same standards – Georgia, Ukraine and Action Plan Template Moldova.”The fact that the country has started negotiations does not mean that we should lower the requirements for a cartel. Especially in this place, I would highlight Serbia as an example, “the minister said.

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Of the six Balkan countries joining the Community, the negotiations with Brussels have begun with Montenegro and Serbia.In 2016, before Montenegro became a member of NATO, attempts were made in this country to make a coup, to overthrow and even to kill the president of the country. Soon after, the country became the 29th member of the Alliance.

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Mr Darmanovich said after the meeting that it was “a nasty dangers” for the country’s independence and its right to decide on the future.

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“The problem arose when we decided to implement our long-term goal of joining NATO and later into the EU. The interference with our affairs was less brutal, but our state institutions were sufficiently vigilant. Along with the aid we received from neighboring Serbia and NATO allies, we were able to resist the danger, “said Montenegrin Foreign Minister.

Corrective Emergency Action Plan Template Excel PPT

Misunderstanding of what volunteering can actually diminish the motivation of young people to volunteer in the future. Thinking that volunteering ends up at the school cafeteria or library, young people are no longer aware of this.

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The confusion of compulsory social hours with volunteering also leads to ambiguous situations: “In the practice of volunteer organizations, there have been times when young people have come to volunteer but asked to sign up. There were also caring mothers who tried to keep their children engaged in compulsory social hours, and they just sat sitting with their hands, “said B. Daugėlienė. However, the volunteer mentor rejoiced that students were increasingly able to separate volunteering from other activities.

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“In 2018 In the students’ forum “Volunteering Carries” in Kaunas, I asked if volunteering was similar to social hours. One young man even refused to say that he was not, because volunteering can not be compulsory, “she said. According to the volunteers’ staff, when it comes to compulsory social hours, questions arise and are treated by the schools themselves.

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Are these hours fulfilled only within the school or are students encouraged to look more broadly and to be active members of society? “It would be desirable for schools to develop young people’s awareness. If students are asked to clean dust from the windowsill only occasionally, it’s unlikely that this can actually be called social-civil activity, “says Gaertner.

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Indrė Samytė, Coordinator of International Volunteer Volunteer Center, supported the idea that volunteering is becoming an increasingly important priority, unfortunately, it is organized without regard to the basic principles. “Getting accreditation for volunteering is aimed at various organizations Action Plan Template that have heard nothing about the Law on Volunteering, nor about volunteering and escort,” says the coordinator. The concept of volunteering also spurs a little bit for business representatives to talk about volunteering in this sector.

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