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Hanna has no doubt: using the traditional teaching methods together with informal ones, the best result can be achieved. “These methods are essential for expanding the perceptions of the students’ minds, destroying the stereotypes that they created in their heads, and introducing them Free Editable Luggage Tag Template Word PDF to other cultures. I believe that all people by nature are creative, without simply devoting this property, it will eventually disappear. And the cultivated creativity can be beneficial in many areas, “she says.

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Volunteers from Ukraine firmly believe in the benefits of volunteering: “Volunteers are usually people who have very interesting life experiences, have seen a lot of the world. Such people make children a very good example of how to participate in society and improve it. And while delivering children to their culture, foreign volunteers break down stereotypes, expand the worldview of students and inspire them to explore the world. ”

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The country is currently facing a trial due to this incident. It also has two Russian citizens. The minister argued that from the sources of intelligence and other sources, it is already almost certain that what actually happened, but this still needs to be proved in court.

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Asked about the growing influence of Russia in the Balkan region, Minister Linkevicius said that the recent presidential election in Montenegro, confidently won by a pro-European candidate, somewhat reduced its concern about possible foreign interference, but this does not mean that this danger has disappeared.

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During his visit to Lithuania, Mr. Darmanovičius will also meet with the Speaker of the Seimas, Viktor Pranckis, Minister of National Defense Raimundas Karoblis, and members of the Seimas European Affairs Committee.At the end of the week, an EU-Balkan summit will take place in Sofia, the capital of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU, which may reveal new details on the prospects of their accession to the EU.

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Kaunas Vyturys gymnasium students will take some time to become accustomed to the departure of the volunteer Hannos who became part of their learning process. A Ukrainian volunteer at the gymnasium for half a century has proved that informal teaching methods are as important as traditional ones.

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Jurate says that her youngest daughter, now four, always mentions Tully as one of her brothers when she talks about her family, although nearly a year has passed since the student returned to Australia. The four-child-raising family says that she no longer sees the burden of having a single child in her home and encourages her at least once in her life to become a host family: “It’s an opportunity to expand the boundaries in every way: to expand the boundaries of our family and the world.”

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Živilė Miežytė, Program Coordinator of the YFU Lithuania Program, confirms the possibility to get acquainted with the world: “Currently, 15-18 years old. schoolchildren from Lithuania can go to more than 50 countries of the world and spend their school year, half a year or three months studying at a local school. Meanwhile, pupils from abroad are increasingly choosing Lithuania in the direction of their exchange, which is why our families, having taken the pupils, become an important part of the international community. ”

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The interest of the applicants in Lithuanian higher education institutions is not growing and the increased threshold does not frighten the Free Editable Luggage Tag Template Word PDF entrants, the first generalized data of the Association of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions (LAMA BPO) is presented. Applicants preferred the needs of the job market.

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