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Catherine notices that living in Switzerland better understood the saying “everything in your hands” and how you spend exchanges and the choice to be happy: “I got courage, Movie Ticket Templates exchanges strengthened me, brought me closer to the world, and this feeling … it’s unrealistic!”

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Gintare remembers how she was watching Rūta Meilutytė in Thailand during the London Olympics: “I turned from happiness, although in Lithuania, I think, I would not really have reacted so well”. The presence of the exchanger strongly broke stereotypes about the world: “There were also elements of the shock, but I gradually adapted, and most importantly, I saw that there could be a completely different way.

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I also think that when I returned to Lithuania, I began to look at our problems more calmly: there are a lot of people who want to leave, to make a living abroad, and I may look more positively. When I was down, I realized that my motherland here is a welcome and dear thing to me. ”

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Catherine says that during the exchange, she began to appreciate the Lithuanian language even more and laughs at the fact that the Lithuanian countryside and plains began to grow in the mountains. The girl is considering that while she was in Switzerland she saw Lithuania from the side as a country full of stylish, courageous and very talented people.

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Augustė says that the year of the exchange did not only increase his autonomy, but also allowed him to look at himself, the house and Lithuania in another way: “When I went abroad and spent a year abroad, I started to appreciate the place in a wonderful place in Lithuania, to more excite my town, its surroundings, its lakes, its place. I noticed some things only when I was abroad when they started missing. ”


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Almost seven dozen representatives of Lithuanian cultural and scientific institutions, scientists and artists signed an application for the termination of admission to the Academy of Arts of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) Arts Program addressed to the President, the Seimas, the Government.


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Up to a cost-effective group (according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science (MSM), this bachelor program has a minimum number of students of 10) lacked one person. The VDA appealed to the Ministry with a request for exemption.

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By this letter, we support the request of the Vilnius Academy of Arts to allow the creation of a group of first-year students of the Arts Program this year, more flexible in applying the principle of profitability. Already at the first stage of the accession, 9 Lithuanian citizens expressed their desire to study art in Vilnius.


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Having attended the next stages of the program, it might be possible to gather and make it necessary for a group of 10 students. On the other hand, the 9th year of art in art is the optimum number for Movie Ticket Templates high-quality studies, where students can be given individual attention. It seems that the Ministry of Education and Science itself could not reasonably object to this, since it has identified lower 4th and 8th grade student profitability groups for some other humanities study programs.

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