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I sit on the rear seat myself without a seat belt, I am driving a road hazard and thinking of all possible emergency situations, I see myself as a supermoter with supramaxis, which in the event of an accident is like being a strangling state of air in the air, with both hands holding the head of the zipper Free 5+ IRS Additional Child Tax Credit Worksheet Download gently  from the kickback.Hanna also uses methodology for design thinking while attending lessons. This approach, first of all in the field of information technology and project management, is intended to teach you to find alternative solutions and perform tasks in different ways.

Free 5+ IRS Additional Child Tax Credit Worksheet Download


“This method consists of five steps: the information needed to complete the task, collecting, plotting, generating ideas, prototype creation and, finally, performing a task,” Hanna reveals. – I try to make the students understand – though your idea may seem crazy to others, it does not mean that it is bad. Take a look at the evolving technologies – if anyone said 20 years ago that everyone would have a laptop or smartphone, no one would believe it. But now we live. ”

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Hanna loves her students to devote to the task of building a tower of spaghetti, mussel and rope. This should be as high as possible but stable. According to her, it is very interesting to compare later how students from different classes accomplished the task, what decisions they have come up with.

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“There have also been instances when the students looked at me disturbed and asked how we should create something with all this?” – laughed at the support of non-traditional teaching methods. However, the volunteer was surprised that students almost always choose traditional ways to solve a task. Only once, when the method was presented at one of the schools in Siauliai, Hanna saw how the students looked creatively about the situation. “They tucked the tower to the ceiling – so it became both stable and supreme,” she said.



Pub 972 Child Tax Credit Worksheet Download

At the end of all the lessons, Hanna uses the self-reflection approach – the students tell us what tasks they themselves made easy or difficult, how they think, why they succeeded or did not perform any task. “After creative tasks, I often hear that pupils are happy to be taught to work in a team, and more and more, I add team work to the list of outcomes. Students get points for it, and knowing this, they themselves are happy to engage in the creative process, “said a non-traditional teacher.

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Volunteers from Ukraine have no doubt that the best way to learn something is to practice. It is precisely because of these lessons that she strives to provide students with as many practical tasks as possible. Hanna often organizes interactive Russian and English lessons where students can improve their vocabulary and use the lessons they learn in previous lessons.


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“Before Christmas with our students, we had an interactive Russian lesson, during which we talked about the tales of Slavic peoples. I created a certain game, while playing it, students had to perform tasks that required a Russian language. In this way, they learned to use it in their language. ”

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Hanna applied a similar method to teaching English teachers in gymnasia too. As senior teachers do not speak this language so well and Hanna only speaks Russian, they asked volunteers for help. “We learned about countries and nationalities. I was at that time just visited by a French friend who is currently volunteering in Slovakia. I brought him to a lesson and placed myself in front of the pupils who became the teachers.

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So they got a great opportunity to practice with someone who does not speak Lithuanian or Russian. Teachers have nothing left to speak English. “- she recalled the variety of methods. Hanna also noticed an interesting trend in teaching her teachers – solid and, it seems, responsible teachers who come Free 5+ IRS Additional Child Tax Credit Worksheet Download to the classroom become the true prototype of their students. “They do not refuse to talk during lessons, they also laugh a lot, sometimes even try to write – just like the students. I have not yet figured out where the magic lies, which is capable of changing teachers’ personalities so quickly, “the volunteer laughed.

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