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Belas told Hini that they had pledged salaries from the shipyard’s management to the workers by the end of this week, ie Thursday, not later than Friday, so the union and workers had to wait until the end of the week and see if the wages really would be.”By the statutory provision and the collective agreement, August 15 is a deadline that she was supposed to be paid for July, and as she was not, we January 2019 Calendar Australia had a five-day period when she was trying to make a salary payment. Since all this was over, we started conciliation because we did not have any information, “he said.”


January 2019 Calendar Australia


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The Administration now promised this salary by the end of the week, and since I’m an eternal optimist, I hope it will be paid. With this and such a situation we can not be satisfied. The administration promised and said that this time the wages would be reduced for a stimulating part, “he added.Belas claims that the Board as the main reason for the lack of money for workers’ salaries

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cited Brodotrogi’s illiquidity, which was due to the fact that they were not paid jobs they have done it before. It confirms that this illiquidity is long, but also a major problem highlights the lack of a true shipbuilding job, in which shipwrecks would be built on ships, not necessarily large, but ships and jobs that can employ all the existing stockbrokers and capabilities.

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” So when we do not have the job any more or more, we will all really become an overwhelming thing, and Brodotrogir itself is going down. It is not easy, “said Belas.Trogirski škver, which has been owned by Danko Končar for the past five years, has been restructured, but it is hard to come up with new jobs that would bring them income that would have no problem for salaries,

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the stimulating part of them is reduced, their money is not supplied by suppliers, but they are also cooperatives and are increasingly talking about severance pay. The monuments will be open on September 10, and the offer for making podies and horticulture around the monument on September 18, Bandic said at a news conference.

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The monument will arrive at the site of the granite pyramid of the author Branko Silađin under the name “Granit that remembers” and the pyramid will, as announced, in its original form be moved two kilometers south, between the Museum of Contemporary Art and Ina building. “If we take the place for the pyramid and for the first Croatian president, then there is for both places, but the priority should be given to the first Croatian president. It’s the policy I’m up for, and the place I suggested. I personally co-ordinate January 2019 Calendar Australia this project by saying that by December 10th, on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the death of the first Croatian president, I will open it, “Bandic said. He said that this would be” the biggest, most beautiful and brightest monument “,

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