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so what I expect is to preserve shipbuilding in Pula, to save as many jobs as possible, but Uljanik tomorrow must be competitive and not dependent on incentives,” he concluded. “The situation is so hard to be more Yesterday, we explained that the strike committee as a request for a strike can not point out a resignation request, but unions can do that, and now we have asked for it, January 2019 Calendar Canada said Đino Šverko of the Metallica Trade Union. “We are looking for ours, we are looking for what we have earned so that we can live,” said one of Uljanik’s workers Toni Nikolić. The leaders of the Life Wall came to Pula to support the workers.


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“The story was always sold that Uljanik was the only successful Croatian shipyard, prosperous, but it is clear that the administration has been deceiving the public for years and years, and that the information from the reports they made to the public and the institutions of this country was not accurate. certainly in the background of a political game, at all three levels, both at the state, regional, county and local government units, ie the city of Pula, “said Ivan Vilibor Sincic, President of the Living Wall.


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The workers continue to call the board, and there is a rumor that CEO of Uljanik Gianni Rossanda told the strike committee that he was tired and intending to leave, just does not know when. The strike continues in the Rijeka Shipyard on May 3rd. Representatives of the Stunt Board of the Shipyard on May 3 discussed Yesterday with the Shipyard’s Management, but no solutions to the situation and payment of salaries were found. Workers on May 3, as well as the entire Ullanik group, are seeking payroll for July, which should have been paid by August 15th.

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On 3rd May, they are looking for a continuation of shipbuilding and production, or settlement of the shipyard’s fate, in which, although ships on the roads are not working for months because there is no money for the required material. Tomorrow a peaceful strike will continue, and if nothing happens until Monday announced


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other industrial actions, the President of the City Council of Pula, Tiziano Sošić, announced that on the agenda of the next session of the City Council in the first half of September to include the thematic point on the situation in the pulp shipyard Uljanik.Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, deputy ministers, members of the shipyard’s management, trade union representatives working in Uljanik and representatives of a strategic partner, will be invited to attend the session. He stressed that Uljanik can

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and must continue to play a key role in the city and Croatia. The government is considering how to help, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said yesterday in Varaždin that the relevant ministries and institutions are considering how to help Uljanik January 2019 Calendar Canada and to comply with the law and regulations on state aid, and announced that after the session of the government on Thursday meeting with representatives Uljanika Management Board.

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