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The heavy railway accident in Jablanica – on the Sarajevo-Mostar line. Freight trains ran directly. Two people were killed, one was severely hurt. The cause of the collision is still being determined. From the force of strike the locomotives and wagons were out of the rails. At the scene of the accident, there January 2019 Calendar Excel are police and prosecution officers in the morning. All victims are employees of the Sarajevo Railways. The trains in Donja Jablanica should pass by. The investigation should reveal why this has not happened and why a direct collision with terrible consequences has occurred.

January 2019 Calendar Excel


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The first step was first stopped at the Forum in front of the building of the City Administration asking them to address Mayor Boris Miletic, who did not do it, however. The dissatisfaction was then directed towards the local authorities, and on a few occasions they heard the scandal “IDS thieves” and “Mafia, mafia”, but also “We will not be Končara”. They then headed for the Istrian county building, and prefect Valter Flego told them – ‘we are all on the same side, the state needs to make money’.

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You honestly earned a salary, you are one of the symbols of Pula and Istria. I urgently call on the Government, the Management and the Strategic Partner to find money for salaries and to preserve Uljanik and shipbuilding. You are the pride of Istria, he said. Unhappy workers of the Uljanik County Building then shed water and beer. They called for the dismissal of the Uljanik Administration, which did not even turn to or drop the workers today.

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At one time, a group of strikers attempted to study in the administration building, but the entry was blocked by police officers. Union representative Đino Šverko said they were disappointed because they were promising them all the time that salaries will be paid through HBOR. He added that they are not interested in any preconceptions or bankruptcies because they are talking about restructuring all the time. From September 3, young people will be able to apply for subsidies for housing loans again.

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Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar invited interested youth subsidized housing loans to seek housing, collect documentation and obtain building permits if they decided to build a house in order to be ready for a bid to be announced in early September.On the results of the last competition, there were 2320 young families who now have their home, and 250 babies are born in these homes. But this measure was one-off, so there was a change in the Housing Loan Subsidy Act.


January 2019 Calendar Excel Free January 2019 Calendar Excel Word PDF


Every tenderer had good documentation at the last competition, and everyone who came in was receiving subsidies. The project proved to be exceptionally good and quality, said Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar visiting the Good Morning, Croatia. Speaking about the amendments to January 2019 Calendar Excel the Act, he explained that he plans to enable the young people to receive a loan grant in the next three years.The minister said the competition will be open for at least 5 days and everyone who is applying will receive a loan if they have all the necessary documentation.

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