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That’s why our field team in batwing takes advantage of the ladder over the net to the tweezers, “said Damir Skok, director of the Zagreb Zoological Gardens, which is part of the Dumovec City Uncharted Animal Shelter. The clinic has nine January 2019 Calendar Templates  bats and all have been successfully caught and transported to the Zoological Gardens Reconstruction. Tomorrow will be examined there and, if found to be good,

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January 2019 Calendar Templates

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will be released immediately. The Zagreb story of bats is a random but good announcement of the International Bat Night. It will be marked in the Zoo on Saturday to bring citizens closer to the importance of protection of these single flying mammals. As is known, around 21:15 in Ilica, Zagreb, at home number 424, there was a traffic accident involving four personal vehicles . As unofficially, two people were killed and three were injured at the scene. “The scenes at the scene of the collision are terrible and chaotic. As we can see from the eyewitnesses,

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one of the vehicles broke out by a fire that was fired by the apprehensive citizens and some from car drivers who were injured.In the meantime, police officers, emergency assistants and firefighters, including members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Society of Crnomerec, who had completely repaired the fire, were at the scene of the incident, and they also prevented the batteries from being discharged to prevent a new outbreak of fire, writes Jutarnji. According to unofficial information,

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several vehicles have been wrecked in that part of the road, faster than 130 km / h. One vehicle crossed the opposite track, on the part of the road where two double full lines, and after a collision, one driver left the vehicle. One car was thrown into a wall where the graphite ‘Die healthy’. The Črnomerec terminal bus lines to the west are interrupted. The entire traffic has been suspended in both directions from the Sokolska Street to the Oranica Street. Due to the fall of the water supply at KBC Sestre Milosrdnica surgery,

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tomorrow morning, all operations will be postponed and emergency ones will be closed, and five operating rooms will be closed. There will be a hospital crisis headquarters because patients need to be taken care of. Mario Zovak, KBC Director of Sister Milosrdnice, tells us that some thirty patients scheduled for the program will kindly ask to be squeezed. “For which day their health will not be endangered,

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but we will also arrange emergency care work.” Emergency service is 24 hours, so one part of the program will probably work at night at the gynecology and urology clinic, “he explains. Clinic for traumatology. Of the six operating rooms only in one is partially correct portable X-ray, two are broken, so-called. cold operations have been canceled. “These are the appliances January 2019 Calendar Templates that we need to do our daily operations, which is about the age of 14-18 years old, and this equipment has been provided,” Srećko Sabalic, head of the Traumatology Clinic, said.

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