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Thanks to this measure, Uljanik will be able to cover the urgent need for liquidity during the restructuring plan, with limited distortion of competition, the Commission said at the time. Noting that he is not guilty of the state, Rossanda said the state “gave money for rescue aid but the procedure should be completed by the end “. When asked whether he hurt himself for Uljanik’s January 2019 Calendar UK debts, he replied denying that he was “always better”. Asked if he was willing to depart if Uljanik did not secure the money, he replied with a firm remarks that the position of the President of the Uljanik Board at this time was not attractive,


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but it would be irrelevant and irresponsible to depart without a solution. The novices were interested in whether they were on the table bankruptcy or bankruptcy settlement, and Rossanda responded that the crisis began a year ago and that several opportunities arose: restructuring by EU rules, balance sheet and bankruptcy.

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He estimated that a restructuring program could still be implemented. As he said, it is not a problem for the European Commission or the Government, but a restructuring program that should be completed within the month and half-two has to be agreed. He denied that to himself and to the Management Board, despite the debts of the company were inflated, paying millions of bonuses. Uljanik’s officers went out into the streets.

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They say they are fighting not only for their rights, but for the rights of all workers, to get paid, to live and to feed their own family. In the mimohodi town they were joined for the first time by all trade unionists. They have the support of all three trade unions – the Croatian Metallurgical Union, the Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia and the Adriatic Trade Union, as well as the Striking Committee. They asked for the citizens of Pula

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to join this “honorable, proud, lively and dignified colony”. They say they are only seeking their rights – paying their salaries. For the first time, the trade unions on behalf of the workers are asking the Management to depart. This morning, they handed them a written queue. They find that this Administration can no longer be Uljanik. Worker salaries have not yet sat down and the strike continues.

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Boris Miletić, mayor, addressed the workers at the main square. “The third thing that I expect is to preserve the shipbuilding in Pula, the second thing I expect is to preserve as much space as possible in shipbuilding, but the third, much January 2019 Calendar UK more important thing – that Uljanik after the restructuring program is a competitive company on the world market. we can preserve shipbuilding, “he said.” I expect today’s government to make a decision at its session and to find a salary payment solution for July and August, but what I think is that we all have to think how to secure salaries for September and October “The only thing we can do is ship shipment.

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