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The question is whether he has been advised by the government today that the management he has to leave and when he thinks he is leaving, he replied that it was not a problem to retire, but the problem was the survival of Uljanik and shipbuilding. “As soon as someone is ready to take Uljanik and when January 2019 Calendar USA we have these conditions, it would be good to come to rest,” he said. If he feels responsible for the situation at Uljanik and on May 3, he said that he always could be different and better and always the administration has to “determine something” but that the present state has also contributed to the objective circumstances.

January 2019 Calendar USA


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It notes that it would be “abnormal” for the administration to go without finding a solution to the present difficult situation. Asked what would happen if the restructuring program was not accepted, he replied that there are currently three possible outcomes: the adoption of a restructuring program, the emergence of someone who would cover doubts and continue business and bankruptcy.

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Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Craft Darko Horvat said ahead of the meeting that today there is no decision for Uljanik and how the joint forces should be able to resolve in the next few days. He also said that according to Croatian legislation, Uljanik can endure this for three months without going into bankruptcy. However, he believes that it is not possible to withstand so much, so he is seeking a solution.

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When it comes to HBOR, Horvat said that at this point within the solution that this development bank can offer “simply no legal framework” on which would be without any real collateral issue a loan or a new loan to a strategic partner or Uljaniku.Horvat has said they are in a very sensitive stage where the European Commission monitors the media reports, as well as the government.


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He then called on journalists to be on the sidewalk, to make it easier for both sides, and in the next few days, “the joint forces, to the benefit of Uljanik and May 3, firstly find the solution that will be the cheapest for the Republic of Croatia to be the least collateral victims- and that the shipbuilding in Pula and Rijeka will survive.

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“He also said that the government wants shipbuilding to become profitable and that evidence is Viktor Lenac and Brodosplit.Gospodin Rossian’s Uljanik CEO said on Thursday after the European Commission has approved the issuance of a state guarantee for Uljanik loan. Requested for clarification means that it is expected that the Ulyanic State will have money, he said that Uljanik did not seek money, but that, January 2019 Calendar USA as he said, “respected all the obligations assumed when adopting rescue aids.” Indeed, the European Commission approved the rehabilitation of the shipyard Uljanik, concluding that the plan of the Republic of Croatia was to issue a state guarantee of EUR 96 million to the shipyard in accordance with EU rules on state aid.

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