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He said that Uljanik’s Management Group has selected Kermas as Danko Končar’s energy as a strategic partner and at this point he does not want to dispute whether this is a good decision. The day today should show whether Kermas Energia is a true partner, is it ready to bridge the illiquidity of wages paid January 2019 Calendar Word to workers on May 3 and Uljanik at this time. At this point, we have not received a clear confirmation that it is ready to go in preparation for restructuring, Horvat says.

January 2019 Calendar Word

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He argues that the state at this point has no obligations and will get it when the government adopts a restructuring plan with Brussels.Danko Koncar after the meeting in the government stated that “there are forces working to avoid bankruptcy of the Uljanik Group”. As for our entry as a strategic partner, we will see, Končar said. We do not offer anything at this time, but we’ve made a bid that has been accepted.


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Her details can be seen on the Ministry of Economy website, he added. When asked whether the truth is that they are not ready to give money in the moment, he replied in a confirmative manner. It may happen that the Commission says no, and what then ?, Končar replied with counter-attack.

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This was confirmed by Minister Horvat explaining that at this point Mr. Končar is not prepared to take the risk of paying in cash or lending because there are several modalities discussed. He added that the Management was informed that one of the possible solutions would be to provide three minimum wages for the projected blockage of each individual worker, and if any bankruptcy can occur, three minimum wages can be secured in the first three months of the bankruptcy. That is why we send a clear message that priority is given to workers, and then a restructuring that must be sustainable and long-term, said Horvat, adding that the Board has a final decision and all options on the table.

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From the synonyms for illegal construction to the tourist recorder in the Zadar County – so it could briefly describe the island of Vir that has just reached the magic number of 2 million on nights! Interestingly, there are no hotels in Vir at this time – guests are accommodated in family apartments. In recent years, Vir has become the destination for family tourism, recognized mostly in the international market. Guests are mostly from neighboring countries – Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, but more and more, even Scandinavians.


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Tourists are delighted because Vir has something to offer. From free concerts to tourist animations. The Formula of Successfulness did not come overnight, the turning point was the strategy of the development of viral tourism written 7 years ago that has not remained in any drawer, but has been fully realized. January 2019 Calendar Word The island is the one that offers various contents and changed the slogan – the island with two faces. This is how Vir is defined as an island with numerous tourist attractions, and on the other hand it points to peaceful bays and pristine nature.

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