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No Mirjam Jukić from the company Novosti d.o.o. who is in charge of marketing Vinkovci Autumn, sees nothing problematic in the poster. He says the photo is a June 2019 Calendar Australia mimohod that lasts for several hours, and that children can not withstand any liquids that they drink from traditional bottles.


June 2019 Calendar Australia


“Of course, it’s nice to have children drink the freaks out. It’s nothing new. Journalists accompanying Vinkovci autumn also know that children are so dressed and drink from freaks. The boy is a symbol of what the purpose of the event is – how to preserve the heritage and transfer it to younger generations, “says Jukić, adding that iced tea has a license in the bottle on the photo and a recording license was issued by the mother of a child who is an official participant of mimohod.



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Perpetuating stereotypes about Slavs who just eat kulen and drink brandyJukić adds that there is a stereotype of Slavons who just eat and drink.”And Slavons are far more than kulen and brandy, it’s a tough folk who nurtures their tradition and customs. And the Vinkovci Autumn is a lot to people. ”


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Former Ombudsperson for Children: “No Panic Situation”Ivana Milas Klarić, former junior lawyer, although somewhat milder than the present in terms of presenting and assessing the message that sends a poster, nevertheless warns that tradition should not be taken for granted.The Electronic Media Act and other regulations clearly stipulate that advertising alcoholic beverages should not target juveniles or, in particular, display juveniles who consume such drinks.Member of the Management Board of the Croatian Designers Society: “The poster is overwhelming in its entirety”


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“Of course it is not good to have children displayed in that context. In addition, such advertising of alcohol is not allowed, but I do not think that a panic-like situation should be made from one such poster and that should be seen in the context of the presentation of tradition and heritage. And draw the lesson that some practices that were previously acceptable today are no longer. Such situations should be taken for an opportunity to educate and compare with the times of old, “says Milas Klarić.

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On the other hand, designer Dejan Kršić, also a member of the Board of Directors of the Croatian Design Association, believes that the poster itself, given the connotations and the interpretations made, is more important than the motive and in his opinion, since the professional side is “fairly naked” .


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“If we could listen to the talk of the poster and designers of this poster, it would probably sound similar to these conversations we hear in Milan Mayor Milan Bandic, where they discuss the font size on the posters. Information on high patronage of the President of the KGK is overly prominent, so we can imagine that the Presidency, which has not done anything for now in Slavonia, organizes the Vinkovci June 2019 Calendar Australia Autumn itself and performs on them, as it has just fluttered on stage performances, athletes took medals and the like. And when is it so, what do children do in Slavonia, rather than having alcohol?

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