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Goran Salihovic, predecessor Gordana Tadic on the site of the chief prosecutor, as well as Milorad Barašin, who recently died after a longer illness, was suspended. Marinko Jurčević was June 2019 Calendar Canada head of the Prosecutor’s Office. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović met the night shift of the Border Police Station of Cetingrad and Maljevac to get acquainted with the situation on that part of the border between BiH and Croatia.


June 2019 Calendar Canada



It is well known that in this part of the past few months there have been a number of attempts of illegal crossings to Croatia and the European Union. The president went to the field to call on citizens, who complained of security.Thank you, the Government of the Federation of BiH has provided Agrokomerca facilities in Velika Kladuša for the needs of migrants.

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Deputy Chief of Police Director Josip Ćelić reminded that there was a situation when at the border crossing at one point there were 250 migrants. If necessary, depending on the situation on the ground, the number of police officers is rising in the number needed, he said, adding that the Croatian police have enough police officers to answer the question of the state border.

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I was just convinced that our police extremely professional, as you can see, are exceptionally well-equipped, with various aircraft and various thermovision cameras covering the entire green border, and in this reaction in collaboration with the boss of the Herzegovinian police, it responds very quickly to any illegal attempt to cross the border – said the president Grabar Kitarović


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However, local authorities are dissatisfied with targeting migrants in Velika Kladuša. – The Federal Government has granted this facility, but we have great obstructions by local authorities. They do not want us to connect water to this facility even though we will meet all the conditions for the connection. They point me to even negotiate with people in the shadows, who say they rule this space. It is about the daughter of Fikret Abdić, but I will not negotiate low on the side, only with the institutions – emphasized the Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektić.


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The photo of a young boy in the Slavonian folk costume holding an adult hand in one hand, and in the second drink the liquor from the fraklić, the traditional bottle in which it is brandy, on the poster for this year’s Vinkovci autumn, caused quite a concern but not what it would the organizers expected, writes Index.hr.Namely, a part of citizens on social networks commented on the poster as a kind of approval or invitation to drink alcohol in a country that has any problems with excessive consumption of these fluids.

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“It is unfortunate and inappropriate to put a child in the role of a man who drinks alcohol although I do not believe alcohol was in the bottle. Children and alcohol do not go June 2019 Calendar Canada together for the purpose of presenting tradition and folklore, “says Helena Pirnat Dragičević, the Ombudsperson for Children.Organizer of the Vinkovci Autumn: “Of course it is nice for children to drink the freaks from the freak”

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