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I want to thank you all for the support, I really appreciate it, “she concluded.If your supervisor does not understand, the complaint that you often leave and does not leave you on vacation, simply¬†June 2019 Calendar Cute prove this as a proof. Namely, it made a simple conclusion – going on vacation will help you extend the life span!

June 2019 Calendar Cute



The research comes from the University of Helsinki, which for 40 years has studied, among other things, the impact of annual vacation on people. It has shown that people who take less than three weeks of vacation each year have a 37 percent higher chance of dying younger than those who spend more than a year on that.


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The study began to track 1200 business people in the 1970s who were considered to be at risk of heart disease due to their weight, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. In the end, the difference between those who were less than three weeks old and those described above was “clear and significant”, and research showed that those who worked more, slept significantly, and slept.


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The results have recently been presented at a cardiologic conference in Munich, where a leading researcher, Professor Timo Strandberg, gave a recommendation that doctors should rewrite the annual leave for those at risk of health problems. He also said that “vacation is a great way to deal with stress “But also stressed the importance of listening to a doctor because all those who did not agree to change their lifestyles and continued with an unhealthy life remained in that risk group.


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So, remember – if your employer does not release you on an annual basis, explain how good it is for your health, but also because he will get it – a healthy worker, he writes.Fast food is a bad food, but the sprouts on the branches are well known, but sometimes we can not get rid of the desires and relax when it comes to us – do you know why? Believe it or not, it is responsible for breast milk …


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So, as informed and aware of me, we’ll get on the hamburger as if we were last in life, and the new research has given rise to the reason – fat rich in fat and carbohydrates is particularly strongly stimulated by the brain reward center.Probably influenced by the mother’s milk we strongly react to foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, and we find it particularly satisfying because it is crucial for survival, “explains Marc Tittgemeyer of the Max Planck Metrology Research Institute of Cels, who conducted research in collaboration with the Yale University of America.


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The team of experts has shown that both fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods activate in the brain the release of dopamine responsible for a sense of satisfaction, although in¬†June 2019 Calendar Cute different ways.Combination fat and carbohydrates enhance this effect of pleasure by suppressing the sense of satiety. “That’s why we do not stop eating, even though we’re dating,” says Tittgemeyer.

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