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Only one basketball player beside me was a part of all these teams. His name is Tony Kukoč and I consider him my basketball-related soul. We know so well that we can now play together with our eyes closed. Another great guy I think I had the privilege of playing with him is Dražen Petrović. I learned June 2019 Calendar Editable a lot from him, not just about basketball, but about life. Stojko Vrankovic, Perasovic, Komazec, Saša Djordjevic, Divac, Zdovc, Paspalj, all of them were wonderful teammates and were members of the generation who for ten years belonged to the very top of European and world basketball.

June 2019 Calendar Editable

I want to thank them because I was a better player. Without them, there would not be me either. Thanks to Celtics, PAO, Olympiakos, Rome, Zadar, thanks to all the doctors, physiotherapists, cleaners, everyone involved in the lives of basketball teams I played in my career. Dr. Tranfić, Dr. Dmitrović, Dr. Velimirović, Dr. Martinac, Dr. Scheller, Joža Blazic, Mosor, Grant, Wayne, Jeff, Carolyn, Cvita, Stana, Eva … All of them were members of my family.


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Still, thank you most to my family, for so much trouble. I’ve never been home, even when I was, it was not easy to live with me. I was just focused on basketball and I did not have much time for everything else. My mom now dances somewhat delighted to see me there, my dad at home delights happy for me.


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Still, the most important ones are here. My sons, you know how much I love you, even when I’m tough, and that was often. I did it for your good. My wife, my life-like soul. Because of the people I mentioned earlier I was a better player. Because of you I’m a better man. That’s what everyone knows.


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Jane, thanks for what you believed in me even when European players were not in the price in America. Marc, thanks to you for saving me several times. I learned a lot from you. Stojko, my older brother, I’ll tell you all about it. Jim, thank you for taking care of my money. Stjepko, Rosa, Etko, Željka, Željana, thank you for being with me. Congratulations to the generation of 2018 at the entrance to HOF and thanks to all who voted for me. And Josipe … Forward Patriots. ”



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Dino was admitted to the House of Fame, which was named after the inventor of basketball James Naismith as part of the 2018 generation, and he was introduced to HOF by the best white player of all time, legend of his Celtics and a member of the original Dream Theater, Larry Bird.


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With Ray, new tenants became Ray Allen, Jason Kid, Maurice Cheeks, Steve Nash, Grant Hil Charles, “Lefty” Driesell, Tina Thompson, Charlie Scott, Mae Washington, Rod Thorn, Rick Welts and Katie Smith. As with the movie Oscar, there are various categories at the House of Fame. Dino was nomin June 2019 Calendar Editable ated in the category of internationals, basketball players who had a special influence on the development of basketball games outside the NBA parquet.



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