June 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

It will be on the sea at the edge of the Vela, at the foot of Velebit on the strong, possible stormy, and towards the open sea there will be northwestern to be counted on the June 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay southernmost part of the Adriatic. He may be stretched by the end of the day at a moderately wavy sea. Along the coast from the weak to moderate west and southwest winds. In the middle and south Adriatic it will be mostly sunny, especially in the afternoon, when the likelihood of rain will be considerably lower than in the afternoon.

June 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

New week – to weekend mostly sunny and all the warm sunset on the mainland mostly sunny, in the morning with fog somewhere. The temperature of the air will gradually rise in the second part of the week. It may also be around 30 ° C. Only in the mountains there will be little probability for the occurrence of a thunderstorm, mostly Monday. It will also prevail over the Adriatic.


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It will be possible in the night and in the morning, at the bottom of Velebit, possible and strong, and midday and afternoon west and northwest winds, which can also be strong in the open sea at some places. It will be warmer and in the middle of the week it will often be hot.

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Zadar’s grid on Thursday, complains Lokin, renounced his beloved Hajduk. They do not give him a story, he will sing or play his songs during the “bilih” games, because he joined the World Championship in Russia with Davor Šuker and Damirom Vrbanović. Lokin is furious because he claims that these people do not have that right. Their thinking, Lokin says, is that everything with HNS is automatically against Hajduk, and that’s a terrible thing for Zadrani.


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Mladen called me at eight in the morning. She had not slept all night. It broke down, his heart was weeping and he asked me to tell you all this, Duško Lokin (75) reported for 24 hours, shocked by the new “measures” of Hajduk to his friend Grdovic (60) … As children taught us how Hajduk loves . No money for life we sing to the club in the world, we praise him.


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Who are these kids, who is our Hajduk to do this ?! Grdovic gave Hajduk everything: heart, life, song, love … Whatever they say, Mladen was and remained King Torcida – story 24 hours off the slopes of Lokin.Grdović and Lokin regret that even Torcida, as a fan club, has no right to his opinion , should not be opposed.



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This Hajduk, says Lokin, is in every portable club. In the management, the supervisory board, they only determine who can laugh and what can not. Grdovic is broken, and Lokin is June 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay brave enough to withstand this difficult period. The fact that Hajduk relinquered the most supportive fans and singers, Grdovic will not prevent the club from continuing to praise.

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