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“The government is going the right way and I would like to see it continue with tax reform that would reduce the cost of doing business for employers and increase employee salaries. But I would also like to see that we are all a bit more ambitious, not just in GDP growth but in overall I think we June 2019 Calendar PDF need to be somewhat more self-reliant on the European and world scene in terms of promoting investment in Croatia, and promoting Croatia as a leader rather than a follower, and of course, a continuous reform of state administration and the necessary measures to reduce bureaucracy on the lowest possible level, “the president estimates.


June 2019 Calendar PDF


In this context, the measures proposed by the Croatian President in July this year to prevent migration, as well as its commitment to the Three Seas Initiative (TSI), are to be mentioned, aiming to strengthen links between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe Europe. “The Three Seas Initiative is geared towards convergence, it also relates to the cohesion, cohesion and competitiveness of our eg business.

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I believe that if we focus on improving life and erasing differences across the European continent, we will approach these common values ​​and support them together. The TSI is based on three pillars – the construction of intermodal transport in Western Europe, but we are missing it.


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Energy, which is a very important aspect of economic development, political independence and political stability, and digitization, “explains the president. He also talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including a call for closer economic co-operation between Croatia and Russia.” What I am an Atlantean and What keeping a dialogue with the Russian president is not in contradiction, “he notes, saying the relationship is necessary and based on three areas of cooperation: resolving the crisis in Ukraine and Syria, where Croatia supports NATO and EU policy, regional level, with increasing tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on a bilateral level with regard to Agrokor.

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Kolinda also acknowledges that EU accession of our eastern neighbors is a “far-reaching future” and complains that the European Council has not given the green light for negotiations with Macedonia and Albania. Despite criticisms that Croatia stops accessing BiH and Serbia, the Croatian President insists that our country supports the enlargement of the Union.

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” I rather call the consolidation of Europe, because Europe will not spread, it will be the consolidation of the vacuum we have created in a large area east and south of Croatia. I do not like to call it the Western Balkans – I think it exacerbates negative feelings, it has become a global metaphor that marks the breakup, war, instability.


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Who would want the Balkans in their home? I would rather call Southeast Europe to give it a more geographically neutral dimension, but also to a wider dimension, because we June 2019 Calendar PDF are all responsible for its approach, including Greece and Romania and Bulgaria and Hungary and Italy, to help neighboring countries advance to the EU path as soon as possible “

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