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And to sing at his stadium.buddings with HNS leaders Grdovic have recently canceled the performance at Bilja night in Cologne. Mladena did not care because that was, Lokin said, only one association from June 2019 Calendar Singapore Germany.I like all clubs, and most of Hajduk and our team. There are obviously people who are not happy that Croatia was the second in the SP – Mladen Grdović told us after he had canceled the concert in Germany.


June 2019 Calendar Singapore

In my career I played for some amazing teams. Junior Born 1987, Jugoplastika, former Yugoslavia team and Croatian national team. The guys I played in these teams were fantastic and I was honored to share the dressing room with them.Still, the most shocking thing for me was the fact that I had no idea and that I was nominated. I got the details just later.


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But this one with his club, he adds, has completely broken his heart. And from Hajduk on this case, so far no vote. Even though, everyone who has at least moved to Poljud will be told, Mladen’s musical repertoire is an integral part of every “bilih” game. Without Grdije “Dalmatinac sam”, many are coming to the stadium unimaginable.

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– I sang Hajduk and his clubs without a hoax, without anything. It’s my honor. In January I sing on Bilje noci in Vienna, next year I’m going to Croatians in Canada – said the emotional Grdovic, who hopes for the better days of the Split club. Hopefully, his song will go back and enjoy the full-bodied Poljud.

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Dino Rađa is a new tenant of basketball houses of celebrities in the American Springfield! After Krešimir Ćosić (1996), Dražen Petrović (2002) and Mirko Novosel (2002 Novosel entered as a coach) Rađa attended the Hall of Fame ceremony in Springfield on Thursday at the fourth Croatian and only eighth European basketball player. “Larry , thank you for what you did for me.


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I’m feeling a member of Celtic since the first day I came to the club. Once Celtic, Always Celt. When Kim and Zoran told me that I would be admitted to the House of Fame, I did not stop crying for ten days. The worst was that for a week or two I could not tell anyone why my eyes were tears every day. How do I feel? There are no words with which I would even be able to sum up how I feel.

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A group of basketball lovers with whom I played out of the box after I finished my professional career nominated me. Therefore, thank you very much for the team of Adriatica. What is June 2019 Calendar Singapore happening to me this evening is not just my personal achievement. I was fortunate enough to be born at the same time as a whole generation of fantastic players was trained by numerous fantastic trainers. Slavko Trninić, Krešo Ćosić, Božo Maljkovic, Duda Ivković, Svetislav Pešić and fitness coach Mirko Krolo most influenced my career.

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