June 2019 Calendar South Africa

Specifically, before the urban centers or where construction works are held, the table is limited to speeds of 50 and 100 kilometers per hour, but it is not illegal to ignore them until you drive a car accident or become a participant in it.On the other hand, you can earn a fine of 375 euros (2800 kunas) if June 2019 Calendar South Africa you drive too close to the car in front of you and it is forbidden to drive and cars that can not reach 60 kilometers per hour.

June 2019 Calendar South Africa

On a flat level “in the middle of nothing” it is recommended to drive 130 kilometers per hour, but Germans rarely hold these recommendations. They like to test the stamina of their German cans and squeeze the gas up to 200 or even 250 kilometers per hour. In large companies, as much solid, but in many restaurants and cafes, it’s about misty, warn trade unionists.


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Both Primors, 50-year-olds, waiters. Both of them with an enthusiastic waiter mileage in the legs. And one and the other with a permanent job at the restaurant. Fates are quite similar, bank accounts are not at all. July and August, without any free day and on working days from ten to twelve hours, the first monthly donate 7500 kunas. And the others are off to work twice, and they are free only on Sunday afternoon.


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Unlike his colleague Primorca, whom he did not meet and who remained true to the Adriatic, he spent two thousand euros in his pocket in Germany.”I’ve been in Germany for a few years now, in a city with a hundred thousand inhabitants, the province of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,” the story tells the story of the evening on Berlin’s flight to the neighbors on the plane.


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Two hundred seats in my restaurant. I work for a year without a free day, but in the outside I have one free day a week and in winter I’m helping the company where it is needed. His work is worth HRK 15,000. Specifically, two thousand euros.


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The wife has a lousy salary, she has not been allowed to live in Croatia from season until season and school two children. True, in Germany I work a lot, but my family is in Croatia, so I would not know what to do with free time … – I’m happy with the whole arrangement.The German owner, as he would not, would also provide his waiter from Croatia with flat and food, and the monthly balance also increased the number of tips.

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– Well, it’s like having a salary of at least 3,000 euros! – The 50-year-old who is doing his wartime work in the north of our Adriatic is quickly recompensing. He does not complain June 2019 Calendar South Africa either. There is, he says, lucky that his working life has begun to work in a solid company that has survived privatization, and when the season is over, and the restaurant closes.

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